Intelligent Contract

December 27, 2023

Intelligent Contract is a revolutionary tool designed for blockchain users, capable of converting natural language descriptions (currently supporting Chinese and English, with better support for English) into precise Solidity smart contract code. Utilizing cutting-edge large language models, Intelligent Contract offers a user-friendly interface, enabling even those without programming backgrounds to define and generate smart contracts.

Intelligent Contract primarily consists of the following core modules:

  • Data Collection Module: An AI-powered crawling system that continuously and automatically collects the latest and highest quality smart contract samples from both the blockchain and the internet. These samples are rigorously filtered and structured, becoming part of our continually updated contract library resources.

  • Data Processing Module:

    • Data Cleaning: Cleaning, formatting, and standardizing raw data.

    • Data Warehouse: Storing processed data for further analysis.

  • Enhanced Vector Knowledge Base: Based on MATRIX's proprietary contract library accumulated over years, supplemented continuously through the data collection module, we employ Knowledge Retrieval techniques to construct an enhanced vector database. This database not only stores a vast number of contract instances but also enhances data retrieval speed and accuracy through vectorization, significantly improving the efficiency of contract generation.

Multimodal Code Interpreter: When users provide descriptions for building specific smart contracts, our Multimodal Code Interpreter immediately intervenes, converting the natural language descriptions into precise contract code. This process encompasses not only the automatic generation of code but also its deployment and execution in a sandbox environment. The sandbox environment offers a safe testing platform for the code, ensuring that all potential issues are identified and resolved before real deployment.

Reliability Module: The product's automated workflow also includes multiple rounds of compilation and execution of unit tests. This step ensures that the generated contract code is not only executable but also efficient and reliable. Users ultimately receive well-tested, ready-to-use smart contract code, prepared for practical application.

Extension Functionality Module: Beyond the core functionalities, we also offer additional extended features through the Function Calling module. For instance, users can directly deploy smart contracts to the blockchain via our platform, or integrate contract functionalities with communication tools like email to achieve broader business logic automation. These extended features further enhance the value of this product as a tool for smart contract development and management, making it one of the most comprehensive and convenient solutions on the market.

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