January 2023 AMA

Owen: Dear Matrixian, Happy Chinese New Year!

After my new year’s holiday, I have already started my business trip. Right now I am in Xichang, this is a city in the western of China. It’s something like Houston in China, where the Chinese government launched their rockets. I hope I could find some business opportunities for Matrix Mainnet and also some partners for our MANTA system.

Now let’s start this AMA for the first time after the Chinese New Year.

Q1: Hi owen, I’m seeing massive hype around chat gpt and open AI right now. You once said the Matrix might have the best ki in china or even in the world. Can Matrix keep up with open AI and their projects, or maybe even more effective? Best regards. by @budspencer469

Owen: Of course, the Chatgpt is very hot in the AI areas right now. But in fact, the Matrix AI is focusing on the different areas with the Openai.

Openai’s main business is focusing on the AIGC, which is a job for artificial intelligence generated content. But we are focusing on the different areas. For the Matrix AI, the main job for us is to decentralize the computing power and also maybe the auto machine learning. But we want to do some tests in the AIGC area right now. You can see we have one of our ecosystem project, which is named AIRTIST.

They want to use the artificial intelligence technology to do the art generation. So maybe in the future we will do more tests in the AIGC area, which can make more demand for our AI Computing power. I think it’s good for our business and our MANTA system.

Q2: MANTA is ready to provided computing power for AI services. Has anyone from (Matrix Community, Matrix Team or Matrix Partners) have connected their GPU miners to the MANTA? If yes, what are the current number of GPU connected to MANTA? Also how we can check these type of info on the network? by @BozKurt

Owen: Right now there are not too much computing power has collecting our MANTA platform. But we are trying our best to seek more and more computing power from the personal machine owner and also the centralized computing platform such as the cloud computing platform to connect their gpu to our platform.

I think you are offering a very good suggestion. I think we will add some more functions on our MANTA platform. You can check information such as how much should the gpu computing power has already connected to our MANTA system and also maybe the percents, how much of the computing power is busy or how much of the computing power is free. I think that will help the users and also our business partners to use our MANTA platform better.

Q3: Could the team please could write a general, concise and informative blog post discussing: 1. Plans for interoperability, cross-chain utility, dapps, inter connectivity with industry at large. 2. Plans for MAN-using customers acquisition. 3. Further improving tokenomics and utility. 4. An update on current partnerships and the teams plan. Do you think a summary with a few brief explanations about the above could be arranged? by @crypto_squirrello

Owen: Yes, I think it’s a very good suggestion.I will discuss with our marketing team to write this article. I think it will be divided in pieces to release to our community. And also I think we can add it into our gitbook, which you can check it very easily in our website.

Q4: When do we see something from AIRTIST? by @ JHollander

Owen: For AIRTIST, as I know, they have already finished their mvp work right now, but we know the NFT market is freezing right now.

So I think they are doing their job to make some changes for their business model. I think maybe you can get some news in the coming one or two months about AIRTIST and maybe we can see their new demo.

Q5: Is it possible for the Matrix Ai blockchain to Tokenize Real World Assets such as Comodities or Securities to make them tradable and Interoperable on other platforms using AI ? by @ Dani Mcfly

Owen: Yes, it’s a good suggestion. But in fact, I don’t think this is a

technical problem because I think all the public chains would like to do this business to talk about the real world asset and put them on their blockchains. In fact, it’s very easy in the technical area, but the more complicated for this business is the legal problems.

Because you need to do lots of the proof that the tokenizing, the token will, if you hold a token, you can get the real asset. I think maybe in the future we could do some tests in this area, but I don’t think it can be a very good business for all kinds of the public chains in this time.

Q6: How can we build a project on MAN? Do you have Grants to onboard applications? by @ Godlysan

Owen: If you want to build a project on the Matrix AI Network, you can find our guide document on our website. About the grant, I think it’s a very good suggestion. If you have some good projects which you want to public on our mainnet, you can write to us and I will discuss with the foundation what kind of grants we can offer to you to help you to build your projects very soon.

Q7: If a third party wanted to launch a Dapp or token using Matrix, could you tell me how I could leverage the AI of matrix to help my project? Do you have a ‘sale pitch’ for potential prospects go get the ecosystem going? by @crypto_squirrello

Owen: For this question, if you just want to build a general decentralized app on Matrix, we don’t have too much advantage with the other public chains. But if you want to build an dapp based on the AI technologies, I think Matrix will be your best choice. Because for all kinds of the AI applications, the computing power and the data will be the most important for your business.

On Matrix, at first you can get the cheap, decentralized AI computing power. And also you can make your data into NFT, which is you can make your data to be a real digital assets which can keep your data only belong to yourselves. For the business pitch, I think it’s good for our business and we are working on it. After we have finished this work, we’d like to put it on our website and release to our community.

Q8: What is the requirement to enter $man ecosystem? ? Will the number of $MAN decrease for those who want to enter the ecosystem as the price of $Man increases in the future? by @SatoshiMANato

Owen: Right now, if you want to build a project on our mainnet, right now we don’t have any requirement to ask you to hold how much MAN token to build your applications on our mainnet.

So I don’t think it will be a problem for the developers to join our ecosystem.

Q9: Whats the different between the Vision of 3.0 and neuralink? only the blockchain ? by @budspencer469

Owen: It’s an interesting question, but in fact we have very different with Neuralink for our 3.0 version. As we know, Neuralink submissions, they want to find some way which can use the chips to connect the people’s brain and the network and/or some machines which can make the people use their brain to control something or do some movement or do some missions directly.

But for the Matrix AI, in the next step, we’d like to do something different. We have created a new thing, we call it avatar intelligent, which means. You can build a copy of you in the network.

This copy can sync like you, can do decisions like you. That’s what we want to do. In the near future, our marketing team is writing some articles to introduce avatar intelligent. I think you will see this article very soon and I think it can solve most of your problems about the difference with Matrix AI and Neuralink.

That’s all. Thank you to Matrixians and our lovely community. İn the coming year, we want to do our best and we’d like to work with you. I think we can do something really big in the coming year.

Thank you. Bye bye.

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