MATRIX Fact Sheet 41-50

41- Matrix Android Wallet is ready. Don't forget to join this unique experience as one of the first users.

42- Let's look at the Bio-wallet keywords.

43- Let's remember the system structure of the Bio-Wallet.

44- Focus and #BUIDL!

· All function modules of the new mobile wallet completed by the Matrix ecosystem team, now about to enter beta testing;

· New mobile wallet interface being designed.

45- Powered by MANAS core algorithms, ai services will play a central role in improving digital synesthesia for the #metaverse

46- Proxy promotion is an arrangement where Matrix does not participate in the commercialization of MANAS itself but will delegate business operation to third parties, who can access MANAS services through open API tools. Generally speaking, there will be two categories of third-party participants on MANAS: proxy service providers and app developers.

47- MANAS has already made its APIs public so any Metaverse platform can access AI services on MANAS through these APIs and repurpose MANAS services for the platform’s own users.

At the same time, Matrix is actively seeking partnerships with all sorts of Metaverse platforms to gather more Metaverse data to fuel the development of MANAS.

48- With the PoS-based random clustering, a small number of nodes will be chosen as delegates. The transactions are broadcast only among these delegates. In previous blockchains, transactions have to be transferred to every node in a P2P network and the latency increases as the number of nodes grows. With our algorithm, the small number of nodes enables a significantly lower latency because of the reduced overhead of broadcasting transactions". Owen Tao - CEO

49- The #metaverse will be an immersive version of the internet with interactive features using different technologies such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), 3D graphics, #5G , hologram, #NFT , #blockchain , haptic sensors, and artificial intelligence (AI).

To scale personalized content experiences to billions of people, one potential answer is generative AI, the process of using #AIalgorithms on existing data to create new content.

50- The Matrix Bio wallet, attracted great attention in the financial world with its many prominent aspects.

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