2nd Report Of April 2024

April 21, 2024

Mainnet Performance

Validator Nodes: 107

Miner Nodes: 1251

New Wallets: 37+

Project Updates

A. Milestone 3:

A.1. In the Upgrade Phase:

A.1.1 Modular Contract Transformation - 62%

Completed integration strategy definition, defining the logic of interaction between modules to ensure data consistency and operational safety during module collaboration.

Completed dependency graph construction for creating dependency relationship diagrams between functional points, aiding in understanding the data and control flows between modules.

A.1.2 Smart Contract Personalization - 57%

Established reusable logical building blocks, each executing specific functions and adjustable and expandable according to user requirements.

Dynamic integration system to ensure different logical modules can dynamically integrate according to users’ personalized needs, forming a collaborative whole.

A.1.3 Support for Mainstream Contract Languages - 40%

A.2. In the Processing Phase:

A.2.1 Brainwave Data for Positive Feedback - 16%

Established feedback logic decisions, executing predefined feedback strategies based on data classification results.

A.2.2 Brainwave Data Avatar Structures - 9%

B. April Morpheus Version: 62%

Completed the first version of the style feature extraction framework, including core components such as vocabulary usage analysis and recognition of phrase habits.

Introduced a consistency scoring algorithm to evaluate the consistency between generated text and target personal styles, ensuring the naturalness and accuracy of large model simulations.

Completed style transfer model to apply the style of target personalities to generated text.

C. Others

  1. CMC updates tag with DEPIN, Smart Contract to reflect the project nature

  2. Ethan Tian had an AMA about Intelligent Contract at Telegram

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