22. What makes Matrix different from other artificial intelligence projects and companies?

a) A high-performance, high-performance AI-enhanced blockchain.

b) It is a blockchain that is quite secure, fast, can reach 50k transaction speeds per second with AI technology, and offers ease of use, preventing large energy waste. In general, it can reach 14K TPS.

c) With the increase of computing power, it prevents large energy waste and excessive cost with the Hybrid POW+POS consensus mechanism with AI.

d) Building a decentralized network.

e) It facilitates the exchange of decentralized data, computing power and algorithms in combination with AI technology.

f) MANTA provides scientists with cost-effective computing power; and helps scientists validate their work with MANIA

g) It helps AI scientists improve the efficiency of their workflows, creating more and better algorithms and services for the same cost.

h) It provides high-quality source materials, namely computing power and data for algorithm scientists.

i) With AutoML, it offers fewer barriers, better and more diverse services for AI algorithm creation.

j) It has open platforms with endless possibilities.

k) Decentralized AI maintains the ownership of data by aiming to transform the data it owns into users' personal assets with its platforms, and has a computing power distribution platform to provide affordable computing power as well as provide high-quality large data to businesses.

l) It provides an API and SDK to enterprises to build their own decentralized AI cloud computing/AI service platform using AI service platform.

m) Unlike many projects, it has a Decentralized distributed storage system.

n) In addition to these, there are many projects as the reason for preference.

o) So with a recently growing MATRIX network, it's quite possible to see the ecosystem."

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