MANTA Welcomes Important Partners in Its Tests

Dear Matrixian,
With reference to the recent Bi-Weekly report, (, we are pleased to share the partners who will join the test of MANTA.
1. Bright Scholar
Scope of Work
1. MANTA will use AI to help Bright Scholar analyse their courses and train algorithms to recommend their educational content to people who need them;
2. MANTA will provide computing power for the smart hardware insides Bright Scholar campuses;
3. Bright Scholar will cooperate with Matrix to develop AI hardware for their campuses.
2. Deyang City, Sichuan
Scope of Work
MANTA will train smart city algorithms for Deyang, Sichuan, starting from algorithms that monitor kitchen and bathroom sanitation.
Scope of Work
Following our previous cooperations, MANTA will provide computing power and algorithms for TBEA's smart industry.
4. The Weather Simulation Lab under the Department of Atmosphere and Marine Research of the School of Physics, Peking University
Scope of Work
We donate a few free MANTA nodes to the Lab. Students can use computing power from the nodes to conduct weather simulation experiments and train weather forecast algorithms.
We believe these are valuable partners and should be able to lay a solid base to test out MANTA.
Enjoy the adventure with MATRIX.