2nd Report Of April 2023


Mainnet Performance

Validation nodes: 101
Mining nodes: 1212
New wallets added: 66

Project Update

Brain Wave Data Reception and Storage – 11%

Designed brain wave data gathering solutions for EMG;
Designed the first prototype wearable brain wave data collector;

Brain Wave Data Analysis and Modelling – 11%

Analysed and modelled the first version of brain wave uniqueness solution;

Brain Wave Data-Based AI Services – 12%

Completed designing several attention index-related brain wave apps;

Special Patches – 13%

Completed designing the modularised knowledge base framework for mainstream smart contracts;
Developed a version of MANTA that is compatible with NLP for the first time;
Completed alpha testing for the compatibility of NLP on MANTA;


Cohosted an AMA event with MEXC.