2nd Report Of March 2024

March 21, 2024

Mainnet Performance

Validator nodes: 105

Miner nodes: 1253

New Wallets: 426+

Project Updates

A. Milestone 3:

A.1. In the Upgrade Phase:

A.1.1 Modular Contract Transformation——34%

Establishing a mapping library from natural language terminology to Solidity syntax, used to map logic described in natural language to specific Solidity code blocks;

A.1.2 Smart Contract Personalization——25%

Upgrading user requirement analysis and intent understanding module;

A.1.3 Support for Mainstream Contract Languages——31%

A.2. In the Processing Phase:

A.2.1 Brainwave Data for Positive Feedback——7%

Optimizing brainwave data filtering models, enhancing the filtering efficiency for non-brainwave signals such as environmental noise, power interference, etc.;

A2.2 Brainwave Data Avatar Structures——9%

Establishing a real-time data mapping network framework between brainwaves and Avatars.

B. April Morpheus version——18%

Introducing sparse transformers to reduce the model's parameter count and computational complexity.

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