Important Announcement on ERC-20 Swap

The four-year swapping from ERC-20 to Native MAN service will come to an end. Further to our announcement,, last week, please be advised that there are about 3 days remaining to take action with your ERC-20. Deadline is 26 January, 2023.

If you possess ERC-20 tokens,

1. You can sell it at your exchange, such as Gate or Huobi. You obtain your USDT or other coins, depending on trading pairs avaialble, from your exchange and trade Native MAN from KuCoin. This requires the least amount of effort and might be completed quickly. You may suffer a small loss, the price at the exchange is not under our control, but you may recover given the low market cap at the moment. However, we do not offer investment advice.

2. You can send an email by following the instructions at, which were released before. Please make sure you read the manual carefully and fully. The team will evaluate the validity of your request and make a swap for you.

Please keep in mind that after you send your ERC20 token to the burn address, it will not be retrieved. Moreover, as much as we would like to help and expedite, the period to swap for valid requests can range from days to months, and the amount to be converted to Native MAN can be done in phases, depend on the volume.

This is the most effective strategy to protect those who trade or have traded Native MAN. There can be, and likely, speculators who obtained ERC-20 tokens at a lower price elsewhere will sell a large volume of Native MAN after the swap. This will result in a huge negative influence on pricing and that affects everyone in the market.

3. The Team does not profit anything from swap. Instead, we strive to assist and balance. If you have any problems, please contact your exchange and explain why you were not given Native MAN for trading but only ERC-20.

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