MATRIX Fact Sheet 71-80

71- The collaborative project with #TBEA has been in a test run for nine months with great success, all major components delivered smoothly.

72- MANTA will train smart city algorithms. Starting from algorithms that monitor kitchen and bathroom hygiene.

73- "POW or POS, why choose one over the other? Matrix has believed it's about finding the right balance of both - hybrid PoW + PoS since the end of 2017"

74- Matrix CEO Owen Tao was invited to a forum themed ‘The Opportunities and Challenges of Web 3.0’, where he delivered a keynote speech titled ‘"Matrix: The Nuclear Energy for Web 3.0"

Owen took the opportunity to share his view on Web 3.0 and the #Metaverse and explored cooperation opportunities with other attendants.

75- TBEA plans to build a total of 55 5G stations with Matrix providing AI algorithms and tech support for around 30 use scenarios including 5G #AI #robot patrol, #5G auto-pilot, 5G AI hazard sensing and 5G AI #drone patrol.

76- Artificial intelligence (#AI) and machine learning (ML) will make it possible to create smarter cities. Manta's #automl is leading the construction of #smart cities and MANTA train smart #city algorithms.

77- Here is a list of some fields that can apply Matrix AI solutions to their operations.

78- "We don't choose the NFT and Metaverse but the NFT and Metaverse choose MATRIX AI" - CEO Owen Tao

79- An important component of Matrix 2.0 is on-demand computing resources.

The Matrix AI Network blockchain is the foundation that will enable connected nodes to grow into a flexible global supercomputing network.

This massive computing network will provide a long-term boost to the development of artificial intelligence.

80- 4 September, MATRIX co-hosted a forum themed From Web 2.0 to 3.0 with a joint effort from Garage Café, the world’s first start-up themed coffee shop, Web 3.0 Notes and Avatar DAO.

The forum was held at Garage Café drawing attention from organizations, media and individuals including IBM, OKX, Jinse, Guosen Securities, China Artist association and more who are passionate about Web 3.0 or #Metaverse .

Our CEO, Owen, delivered a keynote speech and joined a panel discussion in the event. He had a detailed discussion with the participants and welcomed all to tap into any possibilities with MATRIX.

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