Goodbye 2021, Hooray 2022

Jingle bell, jingle bell.

2021 is coming to a close. This has been a difficult year for the world. Despite the negative side of global matters, the year means a lot to the Matrix Team.

Yes, it is a fact that Matrix hasn’t been as active as it used to be due to various reasons. We went through restructuring and focused our energies on proper project management, adequate expectation management, transparent communication, and community engagement, etc. Should we dwell in the past, or should we look forward to the future? For me, the answer is obvious.

We Are Back, and we have emerged stronger and more prepared than ever to tackle what’s to come next.

This year, we took great efforts to improve transparency and education. I hope you would agree that we have created more content in the past year than ever before, which serves to align the community's expectation. People will understand what we have been doing, why we are doing it, and how far we have progressed. This is different from conventional marketing which hypes up a project. We give informative details to the community, and with transparency comes confidence.

Spending marketing money on creating short-term highs may please a small pool of people, but that is not what a responsible organization should do. Instead of blowing large amount of money on marketing, which is simple and easy, we have our feet on the ground. Delivery has been our keyword for 2021. You see the deliverables and you should have tested certain milestones, e.g. MANAS, MANTA, MANIA and more. This does not mean we do not spend money on marketing. It’s all about making the best use of our precious resources.

2022 is coming. We will empower more ecosystem projects. NFT, Metaverse and more will become our focus. By looking at the proposals, we can feel the energy in them and envision what it can bring to Matrix and to the community. It will be an exciting year ahead, and we are ready to bring Matrix to the next high.

2022, come on, let’s kick some ass.

Your CEO,


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