Matrix Ambassador—Knight

Our three-stage Matrix global ambassador program is in full swing. Phase one, Padawan, has had great success in the growth of our community.

Join the Padawan program now. (

As our ambassador program continues to grow, the new stage is now unlocked!

Matrix is excited to announce the launch of Knight Ambassador, the next phase of the Global Ambassador Program.

This time, we invite not only our users, but also those who want to produce quality content, influencers and their entire communities to join our ambassador program!

We have prepared many incentives for you to announce the Matrix AI Network to the world and earn rewards in the process.

Check out the details below to learn more.

Who Can Become a Matrix AI Network Global Ambassador?

It could be anyone. We encourage anyone with a passion for crypto to apply.

We're searching:

● Metaverse, Web3, AI, Blockchain, GameFi and NFT enthusiasts

● Active on Social media

● Proactive Content creator

● Creative Designer

● Influencer or Community leader

● Active Community member

● Having the ability to speak and write some other languages, especially English, at a good level

Knight Ambassador:

This program is for those who want to participate by making high quality content for the Matrix AI Network. We accept Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Vietnamese, Russian, Arabic, Japanese and Dutch translations of our blog articles and descriptors; original articles from scratch; Sharing updates on Twitter.

Participants: Copywriters, Writers, Bloggers, Twitter influencers (1,000-5,000 followers)

Prize pool: Depends on the piece of content you create

Check the rewards and rules here.

General rules

● No inappropriate content.

● Rewards are distributed at the sole discretion of the Matrix team. You may receive a lower reward than you expected or no reward at all.

● Using more than one account is prohibited.

● We reserve the right to change and/or close the Ambassador program at any time.

We would also like to state that our ambassadors will undergo a 20-day test process and we will choose them according to their performance during this period.

Purpose of the Ambassadors

● Ensuring community involvement

● Communication and strategic exchange with other ambassadors.

● Using professional tools

● Must use their connections in line with the given task

● Activity on our social channels

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