21. What specs you using for Matrix node?

It is recommended to have a machine with at least:

· 8-core CPU (or more)

· 16 GB of RAM (or more)

· Approximately 500 GB of disk space per Masternode (anticipating large storage space as it keeps increasing with time)

· At least 1MB/s internet bandwidth per MasterNode

Key points:

a) To launch a Mining Masternode, you must stake at least 10,000 MAN.

b) To launch a Validation Masternode (used for pools), you must stake at least 100,000 MAN.

c) Each Masternode must have 2 Wallets A and B associated with it (which you will therefore need to create).

d) Wallet B will be configured on the machine and will serve as a secure bridge to wallet A where your staking will be located and where you will also receive your MAN rewards.

e) There are two types of rewards generated:

- Staking rewards

- Mining rewards

Both types of rewards will be sent to Wallet A of each node. However the staking rewards will remain locked as long as the staking is also locked, while mining rewards will be available and transferable at all times.

f) Synchronizations with the blockchain are particularly long. We will use a file called snapshot so that we don’t have to synchronize everything from scratch.

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