1st Report Of February 2024

February 7, 2024

Mainnet Performance

Validator Nodes: 104

Miner Nodes: 1239

New Wallets: 67+

Project Update

1. In the Upgrade Phase:

      1.1 Modular Contract Transformation——7%

The construction of a standardized language-associated modular contract vector database;

      1.2 Smart Contract Personalization——9%

raining models with an open, label-free corpus;

Enhancing the prompt input function of the Intelligent Contract model.

      1.3 Support for Mainstream Contract Languages.——18%

Preliminary support completed for contract formats ERC20, ERC721, ERC6093, ER165, ERC967.

2. In the Processing Phase:

      2.1 Brainwave Data for Positive Feedback——7%

Designing a positive feedback mechanism for brainwave hardware;

      2.2 Brainwave Data Avatar Structures——5%

Designing a network architecture for decentralized networks to read information from centralized devices;

3. Morpheus Version (April)——6%

Optimization of Morpheus's Generative Adversarial Network framework for Q&A

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