1st Report Of March 2023

March 15, 2023

Mainnet Performance

Validation nodes: 99
Mining nodes: 1212
New wallets added: 189

Project Update

Brain Wave Data Reception and Storage – 5%

Optimised the structural design of the prototype brain wave receiver;

Brain Wave Data Analysis and Modelling – 4%

Brain Wave Data-Based AI Services – 7%

Finished data analysis and built models for two AI services based on brain wave data;
Finished basic training for the two models;

Special Patches – 8%

Finished testing the compatibility with AI-generated content on MANTA;


Optimised the network structure for Morpheus 1.0;
Finished the frontend design and development for Morpheus 1.0;
Finished designing and training the NLP model of Morpheus 1.0;
Designed a supportive framework on MANTA for Morpheus 1.0.