November AMA Transcript

Eric: Hello, Matrixians Now. It's 03:00. P.m.In Hong Kong and also in Beijing.

So our CEO Owen is with me, and weare holding this monthly AMA as usual.

And just in the previous month, we have

many questions submitted by ourMatrixians and thanks for that.

And today we have a screen total of eight

questions that our CEO Owenwill address one by one.

And it's good to see that the quality ofquestions are getting better and better.

When I say quality of question,the depth

meaning of the question itself and the scope ofthe question, all the questions that are

not kind of repeat of the previous month's question that submitted.

So those are good signs in terms of a good

community and it's a mature community, so to speak.

So that's very good tous and also for yourself.

And I remember one of the questions about what do you think is important?

And one of the answer is about the trust

from the effort that we spent for the past years, especially for the past two years.

So, without further ado, I would like to start the question with Owen.

Owen, Are you ready?

Owen: Yeah, I'm ready.

Eric: Okay, good.

Let's go then.

Question one,this question comes from No Fear.

Do you still remember? Owen

No fear.

Owen, did I say okay, No Fear,you do have some fears, right?

Owen: Yeah.

Okay, we have two questions coming from No Fear.

The first question is that you say that theMANTA platform will be active soon.

Is there anything negative about the test done?

Will the MANTA platform be used this year?

Yeah Owen, I think this will be a quick answer.

Owen: As you know, we just released

our guide documents about how to install our MANTA plan on your machines right now.

After that, your client and your

computer power will be connected to ourMatrix network when we receive some

business orders and your machine will get some tasks and you will rent your

GPU computing and power out and to finish some computing work.

After that, you will get the rewards.

That's how our MANTA system works.

After that, the MANTA will be active and running very soon.

During Our testing period, we have found some

bugs and we have already fixed most of them.

And we still doing our best to

improve the whole FFC for our MANTA system to make it better

and we can do more jobs in the future.

Yeah that's how everything is going on. Okay, good.

Eric: Thank you.That's a very good answer.

So, NoFear,

I think I know you submitted this question much earlier than today, 28 November.

And as a matter of fact, we have just

released the announcement, which is about the deployment guide for MANTA.

And this guide consists of the hardware

requirement and also how to launch it,I mean, how to launch the web services.

So you can take a look at the guide and the MANTA platform already

being deployed on the mainnet,as we mentioned before.

And this guide is trying to help those interested parties, trying to set up their

ones and to get their tasks and get rewards in terms of GPU mining.

So, yeah, to take a look and say,for the No Fear and Nofear.

You have a second question.

So shall we move on? Okay.

The second question is, your work is exciting here.

You do understand that?

I follow it.

What problem do you plan to solve first for web3?

Well, that's a very big question. Nofear.


Owen: Yeah.I think in the web3 industry,

the first problem we'd like to solve,I think we have two targets.

The first one is the decentralized ID and the second one is the privacy computing.

We chose that.

We choose them.

I think there are some reasons for that.

And the first one is the decentralized ID and

Privacy computing is both very important in the web3 industry.

And the second reason is we have already have some base work in this industry.

For example, our finger vein scanning

technologies, I think it should be used in the DID projects.

I think it may contribute to the decentralized ID system.

And on the other hand, our MANTA is a perfect solution for private computing.

I think maybe in the future we can do some work to change our MANTA platform and

make it suitable for the privacy computing in the Web3 world.

Yeah, that's my question.

That's my answer.

Eric: Thanks Owen.

So you are quite exciting as Nofear that you say you question.

All right, so No fear Owen, just answer your question and as a

matter of fact, Owen mentioned two parts,that is the DID and also the

privacy computing, things like that and we're going to release our MATRIX 3.0

roadmap soon and I think we can solve more problems on top of this too.

Yeah so it will be very exciting and as you said, so stay tuned and I think we will

release very soon and hopefully yourNo fear will be really Nofear.

Okay, good.Thank you.

And then the second question from

Doug_funny ,Owen like you say, the id finger one wallet.

Will the Bio wallet create a Soulbound

token which was proposed by Vitalik, that is a non transferable web3 identity?

Yeah, very good question and as I said in the beginning, the quality of question is

getting better and better and we regret receiving such questions.

Thank you.Thanks Doug_funny..

Owen and hand over to you.

Owen: Yeah, I think at first the bio wallet I

think it is very suitable for the Web3 identity.

So we have the same

opinion about this and about the Soulbound token which is

proposed by the colleagues.I think it's a very good and interesting solution for the DID.

But we haven't decided to add it into our Bio wallet system.

Maybe we will add it or not.

We haven't made this decision but before

that the first job for us to if we can join our finger vein scan

technologies into the DID system,that's the first thing we need to do.

After that we like to spend more time

to design the ecosystem for the idea.

So then we will decide whether we will add the Soul bound token into it or not.

Eric: Okay, good.Thank you.

Move on from Morphine Cloud.

This is the question,please bear with me a bit longer.

Who are the competitors of MATRIXin blockchain space in your opinion?

So this is the first question and this question I think we have addressed before

Could MATRIX compete with Singularity Network (AGIX)?.

So this is the key part of the question so

Owen let's forget about the first part of the question about the competitors because

we have addressed those before and also in our article series.

So the essence of this question is

commissions compete with singularity lead and the Singularity is interoperable by

Leveraging Ethereum an dCardano blockchains.

Is Matrix gonna build a bridge to

communicate with other blockchains and to be interoperable.

And Singularity has made

the famous robot called Sophia couldMatrix build robots just like them ?.

Thank you.Yeah, very interesting question.




Owen: First, I think the Singularity is a different project with the Matrix.

And the main job they are doing is they can build a bridge between the different

platform which makes all of the platform communication with each other.

That's how Singularity works.

But Matrix, in our opinion, we'd like to eat first one of our main function is we

can offer, we can output the decentralized computing power.

So in the near future we'd like to make our decentralized computing power can

be used in different platforms such asEtherium or Cardano or something else.

We would like to develop some tools for the users from different platforms.

They can use our computing powers in

different blockchain oron different platform.

For the last questions,

I think the robot is different with the intelligent artificial intelligence.

In fact, they are very different.

We can't build any robot like Sofia

right now, but our AI algorithm can do many more things than you think.

Yeah, I think yeah.

Eric: Thank you, Owen.

So, Owen, please allow me to leaksomething or share something

Morphin, you mentioned about the robot calledSophia and in our Matrix 3.0. We use it here.

Okay, so you stay tuned with that.

Thank you.

Coming from Amazir07, Do you have a release date for Matrix 3.0?

Owen: Yes, we are working on the Matrix 3.0

roadmap in the past month and we almost finished this work.

I think we will release the whole roadmap in the near future.

Then you will figure out all the exact

data for all the important milestones in our new roadmap.

Eric: OK, thanks.

I mentioned that very clearly.

For the past month we have been spending a lot of effort setting down our direction

for Matrix 3.0 because we thinkHays makes waste and the direction is critical

because it takes our direction for the coming years.

And it is worth our time and effort to

think clearly of where we are going to lead the Matrix 3.0 into.

And we have a lot of meetings and a lot of

discussions and disagreements,things like that.

And finally we have reached to a stage that we are almost done with the so called

white paper or roadmap,and it will be ready soon.

I cannot disclose too much.

Just stay tuned with that and I'm sure you will like it.

Thanks to the brain of Owen and also other colleagues for their collective wisdoms

for the direction of Matrix 3.0. And our technique this time is

into the Matrix and think about the Matrix, the name itself.

Okay, that's all I can share with you right now.

And Owen just mentioned it would be released soon.

So just wait.

All right, getting to another Matrixians called diffuse soup.

When is GPU mining going to go live?

This will start to add computing power to the network.

And if the rewards for use of the computing power are high enough to be

profitable, then it could bring plenty of users to the network.

Yeah, that's the business model.

Exactly. Owen

Owen: Yeah.I just mentioned in the first question.

We just released the guide document

about how to install theManta on your machines today.

After that we will do some other testing work.

Yeah After the testing, we will start the business running.

I think we would like to introduce lots of

the DB business partner and the business owners who will rent

the computing power from our network.

Then your GPU computing power will be

released to the customers and then you will get released.

I think the time will

be very soon and we'd like to save and it can launch it as soon as possible.

Eric: Okay.


Another hardcore Matrixians in community.

He got a question.

If data centers are set up to provide

Matrix AI computing resources, does every looked in the data center need to stack

10,000 MAN in order to participate in the network Owen?

Owen: Yes,

at the very beginning, because we need to guarantee our service college,

which means we need to offer the output the stable GPU computing power.

So at the very beginning, I think the data

center needs to stake the MAN coin at first,

l think in the after we have running for a while, if i have got a very good relationship

and a partnership and we have enough the company, our network, I don't think

staking is necessary,then maybe we will remove it.

Eric: So it's just a matter of time and just a

consideration that we want to have a better quality at the very beginning.

That's why we want people to stake as a

kind of guarantee or depositor things like that.

And that's the rationale.

And now we get to the last question.

This is from Young Savior.Okay.

The question is that is Which one of these aspects is important for you?

So it's multiple choice questions.

You can select more than one answer, by the way.

A increasing token price and value empowering platform development

c building Community Trust expanding partnership globally.

All right, so this is a multiple choice

and feel free to select one or two or three or four answers.Owen

Owen: Yeah, that's an interesting question.

I think all of them are very important for our projects and our community.

At first I think in parallel, platform development

will increase our projects value and also it

will make our Community Trust us more andalso expand the partnership globally.

And it will bring our business value and also build our Community Trust.

I think if we will do all the

work right and the token price will grow to its proper position.

So I think all of them are very important for us and the most important

thing is we need to do our job as good as possible. Alright

Eric: So do our job, do a good job first.

In the meantime,

build a charge from community education, providing transparency and also

expanding the partnerships for wider use of our services.

And the price will be affected in a positive way.

But as usual, we won't comment too much on

the price up and down because the market itself is quite fluctuate, especially

after the incidents two weeks ago, two or three weeks ago.

So, the most important thing for us and to you is we as the project team, set up our feet

and do our work and do a good job and have a farfetched vision to guide the project.

And those are the important things.

And I do think, Young_saviour, when you

come up with this question, you do have your own answers already and your answers

is close to ours, just kind of timing or priority.

So that's all the question coming from theMatrixian that we screened for this AMA.

And there is one suggestion coming from

another Matrixian saying that we have to give rewards to those who help to test.

And I do agree with that and we will consider.

But please do not expect there will be

a lot of rewards for doing test tasks because we want to involve you in the

testing stage and to treat you as part of the project.

So, yeah, and we do appreciate your word

and that's why we will consider your suggestion.

Thank you.

And So we have answered all these questions

and our 2.0 roadmap is wrapping up and

Do you want to drink something Owen?

Do you want to drink a champagne or something like that to celebrate?

And then, yeah, as I said,our Matrix 3.0 is coming up and we will

present in a PowerPoint format with therationales and the Faces and roadmap.

So just stay tuned.

And thank you for the Matrixian for

submitting the questions,whether it's selected or not.

And thanks to our CEO for your time and

also your patience and your explanation to questions.

Thanks for that.

And yeah, it's my pleasure to answer questions.

Okay, so we're going to end this ama, and take care and stay safe.


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