MATRIX Fact Sheet 91-98

91- Matrix provides computing power for the #Metaverse through the separation of computation and consensus.

92- Here are some of the features of the unique Matrix AI blockchain.

93- MAN Halving is just 349,843 blocks away!!

There is a 15% reduction in rewards for every 3 millionth block generated.

Like with #Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies featuring #PoW mining, #MAN output is designed to gradually decrease in order to bring up production cost and the value of $MAN

Compared with #Bitcoin , #Matrix has adopted a smoother reduction curve and a rising price model for $MAN

94- There is no doubt that Web 3.0 must become mainstream. Challenges such as accessibility, usability, and interoperability may still delay this a bit. However, Matrix AI provides possible solutions to all these. Stay tuned.

95- Matrix Blockchain is an excellent option for providing secure, reliable, and privacy-respecting decentralized identity and data solutions for Web 3.0.

DID is the most valuable innovation made possible by Web 3.0.Thanks to immutability and hash encryption features, decentralized identity (DID), a previously impossible way of creating digital identities, has become available.

The emergence of #Web3, which fundamentally embeds economic transfers, has brought about a renewed emphasis on creating robust identity systems.

Although decentralized identity has been a largely overlooked topic compared to Defi, #NFT, and DAOs, many views it as a critical technological elementary that enables native Web3 applications.Matrix AI contributes to the evolution of Web 3.0 with DID solutions it provides.

96- The Web 3.0 model represents a smart city using technologies like Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), Cloud and Edge Computing, and many more.

97- Here are some keywords of Industry 4.0

98- Total Stake Amount: 227,393,173 $MAN

Matrix's Hybrid PoW&PoS has a highly secure and energy-friendly consensus architecture with consensus algorithm and AI (artificial intelligence) protection.

Participate in staking to secure the Matrix AI network and earn $MAN coins as a reward. To stake, you don’t need any particular hardware or device. You can do it directly from

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