MATRIX Fact Sheet 51-60

51- Owen: The project we have worked with #TBEA is coming to the end, and we have already finished most of the work for this project. Most of them are under testing right now. Within this year we will finish all of our work in this project.

52- Decentralized Identity - Web3 Pass

The emergence of #Web3 which fundamentally embeds economic transfers, has brought about a renewed emphasis on creating robust identity systems. Although decentralized identity (DID) has been a largely overlooked topic compared to DeFi, #NFT and DAOs, many view it as a critical technological primitive that enables native Web3 applications.

53- Owen : we have already done lots of things in Xinjiang province to support the OBOR province, and most of them are in the energy industry such as we have supported the Chinese electrical group to build their smart electric factory in Xinjiang and we have already provided lots of the Artificial Intelligence solutions for them to make the energy transactions safer and faster. And in the future, most of the solutions we will introduce to our MANITO platform, and we will make them as generalized services, we can provide them to all kinds of companies who will use these solutions. And if you want to use our services in MANITO, you also need to use our computing power on our MANTA network. That’s our plan.

54- Total staked amount: 212,851,431 (

55- Mint an #NFT with your biometrics data. Sounds great. you will be able to do this with Matrix Bio-Wallet. Stay Tuned.

56- MATRIX’s support of the #IPFS protocol enhances its #blockchain ecosystem and makes it easy to envision future enterprise use cases.

57- Open Source : #Source code of the #DApp is available to all #Incentive : Has #digital assets for incentivising the #validators #Decentralized : Uses a distributed system #technology Consensus Algorithm : Has an inbuilt #consensus mechanism

58- Matrix is creating a #blockchain data platform where users both enterprise and individual can share their data and receive rewards.

Data owners receive rewards by uploading data. #AI model owners use the #data to train their AI models. Matrix 2.0 is suitable for both individual and enterprise users.

59- Matrix adopts privacy-preserving computation (PPC) to safeguard algorithms from theft. With its help, algorithm scientists can provide #AI services for profit and rest assured that no one will steal away their ideas.

The workflow of MANIA consists of the following parts: #algorithm creation, distributed storage, #blockchain authentication and #NFT#minting.

60- Matrix Android Wallet v2 is ready for testing.

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