15. Is MAN still an erc20 token? Where can I store MAN?

Man is a coin with its own blockchain. There are 3 methods you can hide;

In a web wallet that supports its own blockchain (https://wallet.matrix.io)

How to create a Matrix Wallet ?


In this wallet, you can both store it safely and stake if you want.

How can I stake?


Users can store their assets in wallets that support the BSC network from the Wormhole tool, which provides cross-chain asset transfer on the Matrix Mainnet, where they can transfer their assets between Matrix Mainnet and other blockchain platforms. (For example; Metamask, Trustwallet )

How can I send my Man tokens to Metamask?


It supports Ledger Matrix Mainnet. Ledger can also be stored. The team provides a guide where you can move them manually.

How can I move my man coins to Ledger?


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