Stage One Deliverables Event Winners Announcement

August 11, 2023

Dear Matrixians

At the end of an exciting process, our event to celebrate the Phase 1 deliveries of the MATRIX 3.0 project, which we see as the unique intersection of Blockchain, Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence, was completed on August 7th. Reaching this important milestone was one of the big steps in the transformation of our vision into reality. The video we shared conveyed the power and potential of Matrix 3.0 to you. We sincerely thank you for your interest and participation in our event.( For details, please visit

We extend our gratitude to all participants who watched the delivery video, correctly answered the question, and successfully completed the tasks throughout the event. You are the individuals who provide us with the greatest support on this technological journey.

Congratulations on your 1500 MAN coin award!

To reward your effort and participation throughout the event, we would like to congratulate the 10 lucky winners who successfully completed the tasks and answered the question correctly :

We ask our participants who did not win not to be upset. There are missions in our community where they can earn from the 50,000 MAN prize pool every month. Those who want to participate can use the link to participate in the competition.

MAN coins will be delivered to the wallet address you specified at the event around September 5.

Be sure to carefully follow our official social media channels for upcoming news, updates and events! Stay with us, because more surprises and innovations await you in this exciting adventure.

Into the Matrix

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