Hello Matrixians! Today is the 28th of June. As usual we are having this June AMA with our CEO Mr. Owen Tao. And just for your information, Owen has just been released from a 17 days quarantine because he has been identified as a cross contact, and as a result of visiting a shopping mall. So why don't you, Owen, share with us what's the life like being quarantined in a hotel, is it a hotel?

No, it's not in a hotel, it's some place such as, some place like AirBnb.

Okay just like AirBnb. So the environment is good, yeah? It's good, is it comfortable?

Just feels not free. Everything is okay.

Okay good so, good that you have been released from the quarantine. And because of the Covid, our office has tons of operations on hold, and because there is a wave in Shanghai and into Beijing, I hope you guys are doing good there and stay safe. Alright so, in today's AMA we have two sections: one is we have to summarize the roadmap delivery, and then the second part will be about the questions from the community, and then addressed by our CEO Owen. So, why don't we start with the roadmap issue? Owen could you please share with us some updates about the progress of this stage five in our roadmap, could you share with us some progress? Thank you. Okay the first part, the platform for NFT trading, I think most of this part of the work has been finished. Until now I think we can support all the main kinds of blockchain platforms, NFT minting and trading. We have updated our IPFS storage and also our API for the Matrix. Now, if you keep your data and your algorithm on the Matrix IPFS, you can use it to mint NFT on any kind of the main blockchain platforms such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, Polygon, or something else. And the second one is the ecosystem of NFT for trading of computing power algorithm and data. I think most of the work has been finished and until now we can support all the main blockchain platforms to mint NFT with the algorithm models and the data which have been stored on our Matrix MainNet. And also, we have already introduced one partner who will use our NFT as its main function in their project. The project's name is AIRTIST. The next part, we have already started the work to allow all kind of computing power which is not our miners, they can connect to our network. Yet, this will still take some more time to finish all the work. After that I think that all parts of this will be finished. The last part is the generalized Automatic Machine Learning. This work has been delayed the most in our stage five, but it works. I think it will be finished in July. Yeah, it will be been finished in July. Until now we have started to connect Manta with our Main Network. And during next month we will invite some partners who will use Manta and our Automatic Machine Learning platform to support their work and their business, and you will get more details in the next month. And also, now some updates about our MANAS platform. I think we will finish most of the work of MANAS this month, and then you will… The older business fee transaction and also the older accounting and billing information will be updated on our blockchain. So, you will use MANAS all based on our Matrix Main Network. Yeah, that's some updates from me and you will get more new information in the coming weeks.

Okay, thanks Owen, allow me to drill down to certain details, when you talk about MANAS, are you saying that we are going to deploy MANAS to the Matrix MainNet this month, June, right?

Yes, yes, the older data and the older transactions and also the algorithms will be supported on our MainNet. And you can check all the data of your account, and all your API using information on our blockchain.

Okay, and then the third item that you update is about MANTA, or the generalized Auto Machine Learning, so it will be ready in July because of the Covid we have certain operation issues. So, and then we will have the partners to test MANTA, and then we can expect that in July, and I think the Covid is something that’s out of our control, and I think it can be understood. And then the second item is… The first and the second item are on track. And then I have a question from Elk, when it comes to the ecosystem of NFT trading, computer power, of Google model and data, it says upgrading and opening up for computing power from other sources, the mining machines to geometrics, could you give a little more details for this one, what does that exactly mean? It means when you're… Yeah, we have lots of demanders on our MainNet and when your machines are not working for mining, the computing power of your machine will be rented for someone who need that. The main jobs until now for us is running MANTA. Anyone who wants to use our MANTA platform, they want to use our MANTA for trading, training their algorithm models, they will use the computing power from the free miners on our network.

Okay, so it's still about the miners within Matrix, but that statement is from other sources, not our mining machines, is that what you refer to? Yeah, until now we can support all kinds of mining machines to connect to our network, but I think in the coming months we will solve these problems, we will allow all kinds of miner machines. I think mainly for the CPU, GPU, and the TPU, with this core of the machines I think they can connect to our network and offer the computing power to the customers who need the computing power for trading, for training their algorithm models. But I think the ASIC chips will not be allowed in our network.

Okay, I see. So, aside from these four items, we have a fifth item that is the wallet that we have been testing at stage one. So, I know the eco partner is doing the UI upgrade, and then that we will keep the community informed as well. So, this is also another deliverable of stage five which is extra. Alright, so that concludes the first part of this AMA, and let's move on to the second part which is about the questions from the Matrixians. And today we have screened a total of nine questions from the community. The first one, from @omer55yuksel: “Will we be able to issue our own token over the MainNet, over the Main Network in the future?” The answer is yes, you don't need to wait in the future. Right now, you can put your smart contract on the Matrix network and issue your own token right now, our mainnet has already supported this function.

Okay, so speaking of this, do we have any guide or menus to kind of set up or create their own token on our Main Network?

Okay, well I will ask the technology team to offer one, and we can publish it in the coming weeks.

Okay good, so I will mark it down, okay. And then the second question is from @amazir07: “Do you think the GPU mining will be ready before the Ethereum POS update?”

Yeah, our ecosystem, in fact GPU mining for us is MANTA, yeah, I think the first version of MANTA for the public to use, I think it will be ready before the Ethereum POS update.

Okay so, then we are again talking about July next month.

Yeah, I think after that, after we have already invited some partners to test our network, I think the miner, all kinds of customers who can connect their GPU machines to our Main Network, and also if they can serve some customers, they will get paid and get revenue from them.

Okay I see so, if ever, by any chance, it will be later than July so we will keep the community informed, but let's hope for July we have this GPU mining first version to be ready. And then @budspencer469: “Is the OBOR project dependent on Matrix, or can these services be substituted?” Yeah, I think the thing is we can't say our services are non-substituted. But in fact, we have a lot of advantages in lots of the AI areas, such as the predictive maintenance. Steve's team has a lot of experience, and we won a lot of prices, and also we have already practiced lots of projects, so I think in some areas our Artificial Intelligence technology and our service are the best in China, and or maybe all over the world. So we can’t say we are replaced but we have lots of advantages, and in the future weeks I still want to offer more support to the OBOR project, yes.

Okay. So, talking about OBOR, there is another question from Kayhan Ozturk: “Hi Owen! Can you please share an update on ongoing projects such as TBEA, OBOR and others?” Yeah, first for TBEA, the project we have worked with TBEA is coming to the end, and we have already finished most of the work for this project. And most of them are under testing right now, and I think within this year we will finish all of our work in this project. For OBOR, we have already done lots of things in Xinjiang province to support the OBOR province, and most of them are in the energy industry such as we have supported the Chinese electrical group to build their smart electric factory in Xinjiang and we have already provided lots of the Artificial Intelligence solutions for them to make the energy transactions safer and faster. And in the future, most of the solutions we will introduce them to our MANITO platform, and we will make them as generalized services, we can provide them to all kinds of companies who will use these solutions. And if you want to use our services in MANITO, you also need to use our computing power on our MANTA network. That's our plan, yeah.

Yeah, to share, MANITO has been kind of a hot topic in the community. So, the community is expecting that as well, so all things are quite excited. Then it goes to the next question: “Does your project use zero-knowledge proof technology?”

Until now, the zero-knowledge proof technology hasn’t been used in our Main Network, but it will be used in some key functions in our system such as our MANTA platform, it will use the zero-knowledge proof technology. And also in our plan, we will develop products which are about the decentralized ID. In that project I think we'll also use the zero-knowledge proof technology, yeah. Okay good, so it's not now, but it will, right?

Yeah. And we have already used some of them in our MANTA platform.

Okay, good, good to know. And then you talked about the ID and then it relates to the BioWallet, and this question is from @snoeks78: “Is it possible to include a password manager like Dashlane/Roboform, etc., to the BioWallet?” I think it's a good suggestion but, in our plan, I think we want to use the biology information to create a new wallet or the DID. It means we want the customers who will not use the password anymore. We want to free them, free their memories, they need them, they won't need to remember the complicated password. So, in our opinions, I think that we will just use the biology information to replace the password, yeah, that's our plan.

So, yeah, good. Snoeks, so our answer is: our technology is more advanced and we just want to use the finger vein bio information to replace the password server, you don't even have to remember the passwords, so it's many steps ahead of this one. So yeah, just stay tuned about the DID. And then, continue to a question from “anonymous”, and then the interesting thing is this Matrixian, when he submitted these questions and he tried to hide the information and he asked if I put “anonymous” then “how do you contact me if my question got selected?”. And that's something interesting, alright, so, I don't know how to contact you, but here is the question: “Why should somebody pay for MANAS? Because Google is for free and easy to use.”

In fact, Google will not offer the free AI service, if you visit the Google Cloud platform you will see all the prices for all kinds of AI services on the Google platform. Maybe you think you are using their services for free but in fact, someone has already paid for that, for example we do the same things in MANAS, for example, if you have developed applications which can identify the animals, you can use MANAS services and use the API, and the developers can pay all the fees for the AI algorithms, and the customers will use them just for free. So, in my opinion, as I know, the Google AI services are not free. In another hand, I think the Metaverse will be the future. The decentralized world will be the future. The Web 3.0 will be the future. In those conditions, I think it will be a world which is decentralized so, in a decentralized world you need to use the services supported or offered or provided by the decentralized [system]. That means in a decentralized world you need to keep your information, and all kinds of your security data. So, in that world, the main AI services must be provided by a decentralized platform so, I think that is why miners will be needed in the future. And also…

Yeah, now Owen, I think you have given a very informative answer to this anonymous Matrixian. You can refer to our website, there's an article trying to lay down what makes MANAS or Matrix different from other projects. In that series of articles, we go very deep and then tell what's the advantage, what's the difference, why you should use MANAS and why you should use Matrix, why our product is superior. So, you can refer to that and then you can ask yourself these questions, and if that doesn't answer your questions, come back to me my anonymous friend. Okay, and then, this is from @EcGodslight, and then this question has four sub-questions: “Are there plans for more exchange listing of the MATRIX AI token?”, this is the number one.

Yes, we are looking for some suitable exchanges for MAN. And we have done some connecting work with them, and I think to be listed on more and better exchanges will be our target in the future, yeah.

Yeah, okay, I think this question has been answered before. And the second is: “Does MAN have a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) market place?”

Not yet, yeah.

No, yeah, right, the answer is no. Because I think, before in our roadmap, we were trying to… I think in the very beginning we were trying to build an NFT marketplace, because back then, the NFT marketplace was not so popular, but nowadays the NFT marketplace is very mature and very established, and there's no point that we have the adequate team, or spending money, time, manpower, etc. to build another NFT marketplace. Because of that we don't have any uniqueness, or kinds of edge to run over all existing matured established NFT marketplaces. And that's why in this stage five, we try to develop, to mint, and then to trade the NFT at other popular empty marketplace, and that makes more sense, and that has been ready as per what Owen has shared with us in the very beginning. And then third is… Okay, I don't know what's the question, and then four is: “Would there be rooms for AMA's with other Innovative Web3 projects, if approached?”

Yes, I think yes, and we’d like to do all kinds of cooperation with the other innovative web 3 projects. Including the AMA together.

Okay, so, that's the all the questions that we have screened for this AMA. Thanks Owen for your time, and thanks Matrixians for submitting these questions. And in this June’s AMA we have again two sections: one is to sum up what have been delivered for stage five, and there's some delay because of the Covid, and we are still trying to push hard for next month, and then the second is we answer a total of nine questions, including Elk’s question about the other mining sources. Okay, so, that's the end of this AMA. Thank you, and take care, and best regards to our colleagues in Beijing because there is a Covid serious situation there still, okay. Take care, bye bye.


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