8. What makes The Matrix different? Why is it better?

• It has a new generation blockchain powered by high performance AI, which is secure, fast and flexible.

• It has created a decentralized AI ecosystem based on an efficient blockchain and platforms that are useful for everyone.

• The Matrix is building a truly decentralized network.

• Since DPoS+PoW has a consensus mechanism, it is more advantageous than many consensus mechanisms with the AI algorithms it uses in DPoS.

• Hybrid PoW/PoS design is both secure and environmentally friendly, as it significantly increases the cost of attacking the network.

• It is better at collecting the spare computing power of ordinary users and companies.

• Better for time-insensitive tasks that require a high level of privacy.

• Its decentralized nature makes computing power more affordable.

• Matrix is not limited to computing power, but also aims to build a trading platform with a data platform, an algorithm and service platform.

• Focuses on building new technologies and platforms, developing features.

• Provides API and SDK to anyone with customer resources or a business enterprise experience to build their own AI cloud computing/AI service platform using their own AI cloud computing/AI service platform.

• High-quality source materials (computing power and data) for algorithm scientists; provides.

• With AutoML, AI algorithm provides fewer barriers to creation, thus providing better and more diverse services.

• Creates an open platform with endless possibilities.

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