14. What is the token economy of Matrix? What is the total supply of MAN?

Its accuracy can be verified from Coinmarketcap.


There can be 1,000,000,000 MAN ever. 15% of the maximum supply was sold in ICO, and 10% is with the foundation for business and community development and will not go directly to market. 25% of tokens are created currently. The rest, 75%, is broken down as 40% is for mining and 35% is for community, hardware development, team. It will take decades for the max amount of tokens to reach circulation. There is a lock period of 2 years on the team tokens.

Reserved for Mining Rewards: 400.000.000

Additional Token Sale (Locked): 200,000,000

Initial Coin Offering ICO(Sold) 200,000,000

Foundation : 150.000.000

Team: 100.000.000

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