MANTA Miner Deployment

Dear Matrixian,

Thanks for the patience and now the MANTA Mainnet Miner Deployment Guide is ready. This guide consists of two parts, i.e. Hardware Requirement and Web Service Configuration. The latter provides steps by step guide on training data collection and web service launching.

With the deployment of MANTA to Mainet and the help of this guide, plus the series of article about it, the MANTA is officially completed.

As for GPU mining, like mentioned in our previous AMAs, it is in the form of rewarding those miners who use GPU resources to complete tasks. We still keep an open door to further enhancement, but it is good enough for our Matrix 3.0.

Now, our Matrix 2.0 Roadmap is wrapping up. We shall open a champagne for it.

Don’t forget, our exciting Matrix 3.0 is coming. Please stay tuned.

Enjoy the adventure with MATRIX.

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