Update to Milestone 3

January 22, 2024

Dear Matrixians,

We're thrilled to share with you the latest updates on our Milestone 3 from our Roadmap. There is no change to project schedule for this update. This milestone not only marks significant progress but also reflects our continuous commitment to align with market needs while staying true to our vision. In this phase, we are delivering on promises made in Milestone 2 and adding new, impactful elements to our journey.

Delivering on Our Promises in Milestone 2:

  • Integration of third-party voice semantic recognition modules;

  • Conversion of voice semantic recognition to standardized language;

  • Analysis and preliminary modeling of brainwave data.

Staying the Same in Milestone 3:

In the Upgrade Phase:

  • Modular Contract Transformation: We're steadfast in our mission to transform standardized language into more dynamic and efficient modular contracts.

  • Smart Contract Personalization: Our journey continues in advancing smart contract modules with personalized features, tailoring them to meet diverse needs.

  • Support for Mainstream Contract Languages: We remain committed to supporting mainstream contract languages, ensuring our solutions are widely accessible and versatile.

In the Processing Phase:

  • Brainwave Data for Positive Feedback: We're developing innovative services that utilize brainwave data for positive feedback, enhancing your experience with our technology.

  • Brainwave Data Avatar Structures: We're laying the foundation for Avatar structures based on brainwave data, exploring new frontiers in user interaction.

Refined Focus in Milestone 3:

  • We're moving away from cross-chain accounting, swaps between cross-chain assets, and the integration of oracles.

Exciting Additions in Milestone 3: Morpheus:

  • Upgrade new version, expected to perform 60% better than the previous version;

  • Expansion of context-responsive capabilities, expected to be extended to 32-64K, serving as the foundation for Avatar Intelligence.

As we continue on this exciting journey, we want to thank you for your unwavering support and belief in what we do. Milestone 3 is more than just a phase in our roadmap; it's a reflection of our commitment to innovation and creating user-centric technology that makes a difference in Web 3. There can be more surprises along the way.

We're excited about the future and can't wait to share more updates with you. Together, let's shape a smarter, more connected world.

Into the MATRIX.

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