MATRIX Fact Sheet 1-10


Matrix AI Network employed AI-Optimization to create a secure high-performance open source blockchain.


MANAS is a distributed AI Service Platform built on MATRIX Mainnet. Its functions include AI model training, AI algorithmic model authentication, algorithmic model transaction, paid access to algorithmic models through API, etc. We aim to build a distributed AI network where everyone can build, share, and profit from AI services.


Matrix AI continues to build in every field where artificial intelligence is needed.


The entire Scopus database contains over 200,000 (200,237) papers in the field of Computer Science that have been indexed with the key term artificial intelligence.

There has been a 6X increase in the annual investment levels by venture capital (VC) investors into U.S.-based Ai startups since 2000.

The share of jobs requiring #ai skills has grown 4.5X since 2013.

Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) are the three most in-demand skills.


MANITO is an industrial network service platform built on MATRIX leveraging the high-performance blockchain. By incorporating AI, Big Data, IoT and blockchain technologies, it will be a powerful tool for implementing Industry 4.0.


At AIRTIST, we believe that Blockchain is a vital solution to address provenance, authenticity, and ownership problems in the digital art space.

Once users have created their own digital artists and artworks, they can then mint them on the Blockchain. The platform leverages non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which can represent both the robotic artist in the format of software codes as well as the digital artworks created by these software artists. Because each NFT represents the software artist or individual digital artwork with the creator’s signature on the ledger, any user within the ARTIST ecosystem can easily track the asset to determine its authenticity and ownership information.


AI can render a big help in Metaverse setting, and Matrix AI has the infrastructure to support. Stay tuned.


Thanks to the Matrix AI Network, games go to the next level.


Matrix AI Network has presented a perfect system of solutions. The launch of MANTA marks the world’s first decentralized computing platform built on blockchain. This removes people’s security concerns when it comes to personal information in the Metaverse.


Matrix has a unique edge over competitors in three ways:

1. High quality source materials (computing power and data) for algorithm scientists;

2. Fewer barriers for AI algorithm creation thanks to AutoML , thus better and more diverse services;

3. An open platform with endless possibilities.

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