2nd Report Of May 2023

May 30, 2023
2nd Report Of May 2023.mp4

Mainnet Performance

Validation nodes: 102
Mining nodes: 1213
New wallets added: 155+

Project Update (Stage 1 of Phase 1)

- Finished the first version of the solution design for unique human brainwave data verification and application;
- Finished the first version of the basic data collection for unique human brainwave data;
- Finished the design of the communication interface between brainwaves and the MATRIX main network;
- Completed the design of the first application form based on unique brainwave data.

2. Special Patch—15%

- Developed the Prompt framework for generating Solidity libraries based on the LLM framework;
- Generated framework code for specified contracts using the LLM framework;
- Optimized the input structure to improve the quality of the output code.

3. Others

- Completed the first public testing of the Morpheus version 1.0
- Updated the MATRIX web wallet to a new version