May 31, 2024

Dear community members,

We have a great event that we are excited to share with you! We invite you all to the EXCITING ENGAGEMENT COMPETITION, which we organise in order to increase the strength and dynamism of our community! During this event, you will have fun and have the chance to win valuable prizes.

A. Event Details

1- Duration: May 31 - June 10, 2024

2- Rewards:

Our top 5 community members with the highest points will share the prize pool of 5000 $MAN as stated below.👇

🏆1st: 2000 MAN coins

🏆2nd: 1000 MAN coins

🏆3rd : 800 MAN coins

🏆4th : 700 MAN coins

🏆5th : 500 MAN coins

3. Winner Announcement Date: June 12, 2024

4. Prize Distribution Date: It will be around July 5th.

B. How can I join?

1- Follow our Twitter account.

2- Like and retweet the event tweet.

3- Tag two friends under the event tweet.

4- Join our Telegram group: https://t.me/matrixainetwork

Bonus Points :

Complete the Intelligent Contract Test Task:

Guide : https://docs.matrix.io/intelligent-contract/intelligent-contract-testing-explore-the-future-of-smart-contracts

- Visit our Intelligent Contract platform to test the V2 of our natural language-based smart contract creation tool:




- Create a smart contract using natural language.

- -Share and chat about your experience and feedback and improvement suggestions in our Telegram group.

- Earn additional Bonus points! (This may change the ranking and make you stand out)

Actively interact with our community members! Ask questions, provide answers, share your thoughts and insights.

We will use Combot and ChatFight bot to track interaction experiences and levels on Telegram. 👈

Thanks to these bots, we will identify and reward our most active members.

C. Rules

- Do not send spam chat or irrelevant content.

- Be respectful and positive in the community.

- One person cannot participate with two accounts.

- Those who do not meet the participation conditions will not be considered to have participated in the event.

- If a cheater is detected, he will be directly disqualified from the event.

- Matrix reserves all rights to this campaign.

Take this opportunity and discover the advantages of being a part of the Matrix AI Network family. Let's all build a stronger community together and grow by supporting each other.

Join now and take your place on this exciting journey! 🤩

Feel free to ask the admin any questions you have about this event!

ChatFight Bot: With this bot, the most active members in the group are ranked and analytical data is kept. Your activity will be evaluated based on this data.

/rankings → you can see your chat rank and activity.

Combot: A management bot that monitors participation and interaction within the group and analyzes message statistics and user behavior. Your activity will be evaluated based on this data.

/stat@combot → you can see your chat rank and activity.

Enjoy the adventure with MATRIX.

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