1st Report Of November 2022

Mainnet Performance

Validation node: 93
Mining node: 1188
New wallets added: 72

Project Update

Work with mature platforms for NFT trading – 99%

Focuses of the next phase:
—Supporting more non-mainstream NFT platforms;
—Carrying out follow-up upgrades and fine-tuning work.

An ecosystem of NFT for the trading of computing power, algorithmic models and data – 99%

—Fixed a security bug for storing algorithm/data NFTs;
Focuses of the next phase:
—Upgrading to allow computing power from non-mining machines to join Matrix AI Network;
—Developing more ecosystem apps and partnerships that utilise this feature.

Generalized automatic machine learning – 99%

—Optimised the data transmission process when completing one task across more than four nodes;
—Optimised MANTA's task monitoring interface;
Focuses of the next phase:
—Allowing mainstream GPU/CPU/TPU hardware to join Matrix AI Network to generate profits;
—Developing more ecosystem apps and partnerships that use MANTA for infrastructure;
—Supporting all types of universal machine learning algorithms.


—Optimised the Android wallet app based on test feedback;
—Fixed a bug that affected data display in the wallet;
—Optimised MANITO's direct compatibility with other cloud platforms;
—Determined the theme of Matrix 3.0 and finalised Whitepaper v1;
—Attended the Web 3 summit held by Zhongguancun Entrepreneurs' Association.