Unmanned Mine by Matrix and TBEA: Ushering in the Era of Energy 4.0 (3/3)

Economic Benefits

The Unmanned Mine integrates 5G, auto-patrol, big data, smart alarm and other industry-leading equipment and technologies to monitor the whole mining process, making open-pit mining more efficient, less hazardous and less labour-intensive. In 2020, it was granted “the first group of exemplary smart mines” by the Chinese government. In November 2021, Unmanned Mine’s comprehensive predictive alarm platform for open-pit mines based on Industrial Internet was chosen by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to be an exemplary case of tech innovation.

Since the system’s completion, the efficiency of the mine is vastly improved thanks to Matrix’s AI algorithms.

● The number of workers on site is reduced by 47%, and production efficiency has increased by 19%;

● Smart ventilation and annular water system optimisation have reduced energy consumption by 8%;

● Through fine management, ore recovery rate has risen to 87% and waste rate fell to 13%. The grade of excavated ore is up by 0.5%, and the annual output of beneficiated ore is up by 10%;

● The introduction of comprehensive computing has raised annual net profit by 18%.

After the optimisation and fine-tuning of algorithms, the results will still improve.

What does this mean for the Matrix ecosystem?

The successful delivery of the collaborative project with TBEA is a milestone for MANITO. Matrix will continue to optimise certain core algorithms and solutions created for this project and convert them into general-purpose solutions available on MANITO. In the future, clients can visit MANITO and directly benefit from these services, which will of course all be powered by computing power from the Matrix Mainnet.

As Industry 4.0 and Smart Energy continue to revolutionise the industrial, manufacturing and energy sectors. Society will be more dependent on AI than ever before, and all this will create countless opportunities for MANITO.

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