Stage One Deliverables Event

July 31, 2023

Dear Matrixians,

EVENT TIME! We invite you to celebrate the exciting Phase 1 deliveries of our MATRIX 3.0 project, a unique intersection of Blockchain, Neuroscience, and Artificial Intelligence. Reaching this milestone is a significant step towards realizing our vision, and the shared video represents the very first tangible example of Matrix 3.0's potential and capabilities!

By participating in the event, answering the question related to the delivery video, and completing the tasks, you will have the chance to win rewards. We are thrilled to have you with us on this incredible journey!

We will launch the event with the following details:

Event Link :

Period: From July 31st to August 7th

Winners: 10 People

Prize: Randomly selected 10 winners who have completed the tasks and answered the question correctly will be rewarded with 15,000 MAN Coins in total. Each winner will receive 1,500 MAN Coins.

Actions needed:

a. Please answer the question related to the delivery video.(70 Points)

b. Retweet our delivery tweet. (20 Points)

c. Retweet our Event tweet.. (20 Points)

d. Follow the official Matrix Twitter account. (20 Points)

e. Join the Matrix AI Network Telegram Channel.(20 Points)

f. Follow the Matrix AI Network Instagram account.(20 Points)

g. Subscribe to the Matrix AI Network YouTube channel. (20 Points)

h. Like the delivery video. (20 Points)

i.Enter your Man Wallet address (5 Points)

(Required as rewards will be distributed to specified MAN wallets.)

How to create a Matrix Wallet ?

Event Link :

6. Misc:

a. Winners will be announced on August 10.

b. The distribution of the prize will be around September 5.

c. Rewards will only be awarded to the MAN wallet you specified in the quest. Otherwise, even if you win, you won’t get any rewards.

d. Winners who use bots or any scam tactics to earn points will be disqualified.

e. If the winners have the same points, the sooner a winner reaches the points, the sooner they will be selected.

f. Matrix reserves all rights in this campaign.

Into the MATRIX.

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