October AMA Transcript

Eric: Hello. Good morning. Matrixians, greeting from Hong Kong, Eric, and also greeting from Beijing from our CEO Owen. Today is the 28th of October. As most of you know that we have the monthly to, That is the monthly AMA. We're shooting it now. So today, we have nine questions that we selected from the pool of around 40 questions. And I would like to start with the first question from Satoshi MANato.

The question is like this, what will be the biggest goal or target of MATRIX for 2023? Owen?

Owen: As you know, we are still discussing our new roadmap. We haven't had the results yet. But I'm sure that I think we will have some great plans in the next year about the web 3.0 industry and the Metaverse. I think we will do some very good projects on the Matrix next year.

Eric: Thanks. Owen. Satoshi. So it may sound relatively quiet than in previous months that we have many publications. And this month, these two months, we have been spending a lot of effort coming up with the new roadmap.

And when Owen mentioned some good projects, it actually means it's a very exciting project.

But we don't have a solid plan yet, but I can assure you the idea is kind of groundbreaking, and I'm sure most of you will love it when we have the details to be released. And so far, We have been spending a lot of effort on the feasibility, etc. So stay tuned.

And again, it is quite exciting. Not just good projects. Owen. And then we move on to the second question coming from No Fear

For computing power lease. MAN will be used. If MAN's value goes up, will the price of purchasing computing power goes up? How do you intend to achieve the balance? Could you please be forced to buy computing power at a high price?

No fear. So no fear. You do have some fear. Okay? And over to you, Owen?

Owen: Let me explain this. At first, our price is based on fiat currency.

The price will be calculated based on the offer and the demand relationship. If the offer increases and the demand decreases, the price will go lower. This is the first part. And the second part, we have put an oracle on our main chain that will calculate the price for MAN when the price changes. So if demand's price goes up and the fiat currency is stable, you'll need to pay less MAN to buy our services. So you don't need to worry about this.

Eric: So that has been at the beginning, When you talk about buying via currency. Another question comes from Amine DAFIR.

The question is:

Can we purchase MAN with FIAT currencies in the future?

Owen: If you do, you can trade this with your friend or something. Someone you know your face-to-face trading, you can use the FIAT currency. But until now, we are not listed on any exchanges with support that you can buy the currency with the fiat.

So I think maybe in the future if we are listed on some exchanges, which support the fiat currency, You can do that.

Eric: So that depends on whether the exchanges provide such on-ramp services. And then, as far as I know, some crypto wallets offer such services, like crypto.com, or they are mainly of such. So you can get the on-ramp service, and then you can get the crypto. And then, using the crypto, you can exchange it for the reminder. That's all this kind of indirect way, but it's also an effective way. So the second question goes to BozKurt and BozKurt thanks for testing out the android wallet for us. And I know you have a problem transferring from the android wallet to the web wallet. So I have sent you the pack and please install it, and then you can get your problem fixed. And likewise, for other Matrixians encountering the same situation, So BozKurt, your question is regarding the new partnership with RootCloud.

The RootCloud does what Matrix Manito is supposed to do. Does RootCloud intend to adopt the Matrix Manito solution?

Owen: That's a good question. . RootCloud is very similar to the MANITO system.

But in fact, we have different advantages in our system, such as that RootCloud has been a better cloud to plan computing power for the industry4. But we have some advantages in the image recognition algorithm. So we, in our corporations, We will offer our advantage solutions for them, not all our solutions. That's how we cooperate. They will use our better algorithms, algorithms than them in their system. That's how the operations run.

Eric: This is a very good question coming from BozKurt. And some other Matrixians are also interested to know the details about the partnership?

I mean, with the RootCloud and the other two partnerships we just formed with.

When your time allows, Owen, could you spend some time and then give me some more details and then we can have an announcement about his partnerships and then the Matrixians will be able to appreciate the importance or what kinds of advantages that we can leverage with each other with these partnerships? Is it doable? Owen

Owen: Okay

Eric: Okay. Thanks. And then move on. coming from GiuseppesWeg,

How will Matrix AI comply with legal regulations that are coming to the crypto market in the near future?

Owen: I think we won't do something, especially because we are always doing our job according to the laws about Cryptocurrency. So, if the law about current Cryptocurrency has changed and the single way we will change our job to make us legal.

Eric: Right. Yes. Actually, we have been doing the compliance job very well since day one. And the good thing to share is the Hong Kong I think just within these two weeks,

The government is very active in forums and different Situations the government officials want to promote Hong Kong as the hub for crypto stuff.

So this is a very important thing for us, and we'll see that is a positive sign for crypto and for Matrix as well. And just starting from next Monday or something, there will be a series of fintech-related global conferences happening in Hong Kong and there is a global online session plus the in-person session. So if you are interested, you can Google it, and then you can join the online conference as well, which is about a fintech thing. .

And move on, the name is haha001. So that lies us our day, 001

Okay. So your question is, how does MATRIX support 3D images, animations, and speech in the Metaverse? Owen?

Owen: In fact, the other functions, You mentioned that they need lots of computing power supported. . So That's how MANTA

You can use MANTA to hold the 3D images animations and that's speech in Metaverse.

Eric: Hey. haha001 So just for your information, you can refer to one of our article series, which is about the Matrix's excellent brain for Metaverse. So you can get some more detailed ideas from there. And BozKurt, I appreciate you because you read our announcement, do your own research work trying to check what RootCloud is about, and then raise a question from there. So that's a very good thing and it's a mature behavior. And I hope the whole crypto community can follow the same pattern to do their own research and then follow the announcement or the updates of the project. Yep. And come from Doug_funny. Are there any plans to build a dex on Matrix?

Owen: Until now, not yet. We haven't any plan to build DEX on Matrix. Because they're some existing solutions, such as the uniswap and the pancake swap on the binance smart chain and all of them are very good. So I don't think we need to build another Dex right now.

But maybe in the future, if we find some new building this model, which can change the DEX ecosystem. Maybe we will do that.

Eric: Then, to supplement what Owen just said, that's funny. It depends on the positioning of the project. So right now, you know we are coming up with the roadmap for the Matrix 3.0. And there is a big transformation. Okay. So that is what I can say. And a dex is too little for us, so to speak, when you compare it with the vision of our upcoming Matrix 3.0. So It's not what we cannot do is what our vision will be, and I'm sure the vision will be much bigger and then dex. . So the cap comes to your 8 questions. from CryptoToni. Let us know what types of partners Matrix AI is searching for. The expansion of the brand and better market influence.

Owen: Right now, the partners we are searching for use more about our MANTA MANAS and MANITO. We need all kinds of partners and customers to use our services which can add to the demand for the MAN coin. That's what kinds of the Partners we are searching for right now.

Eric: Okay. Thanks. if CryptoToni, you have any good connections in these regards, then do suggest to us or write to me directly. . Last question from BozKurt again. Industry 4.0 platforms are becoming popular and they have taken their market share.

They may not use blockchain but a centralized computing platform meeting their requirements. Don't you think by delaying the Matrix computing platform and Manito release, you will lose the Matrix market share?

Owen: That's an interesting question.I want to say, in fact,the market is not the same as the report you have seen in the Internet or any other ways.Because till now, at first, this is a very huge market. There is lots of room. We can fill them. And till now and We can't use the common solutions to solve all kinds of the problems the company's meet because when we are running our Manito platform, the different companies have their own personal demands on their business. So a common solution platform can't run and can't meet the market requirement right now. So till now we still have to communicate with the other customers what they need and that we need to do a personal solution for them right now.

So I think this is a very, very, very, early beginning for this market. So I think we have enough time to run our business and there's still enough room for our business to fill you in.

Eric: . So BozKurt, to sum up, is a very huge market. and it's still early, so we still have a lot of time. And we can fill up the gap that is between the centralized solutions and decentralized solutions.

Owen: Right.

Eric: Okay. So that's the 9 questions that we selected for this AMA.

And before and this conversation with Owen. I'd just like to share just yesterday, Owen and I had another discussion. I mean,after many runs of discussion about the Matrix 3.0,we discussed the set or fourth levels of what the roadmap will be about, and then also some marketing ideas. So we are quite excited about it. And just that, it is not yet at the right timing to release details. And speaking of that, we are still coming up with white paper, a document, to gather all these concepts into one common framework with a timeline, etc. So when we have all this ready, We certainly are and we are very proud to share our views, and I'm sure you will have a WOW effect when you read the roadmap or the vision that we are creating. for Matrix 3.0. So just stay tuned for that. Owen, how's the weather in Beijing? Does it start to snow? or what was the best month for Beijing?

Owen: A little cold right now, I need to take a heavy coat when I go outside. .

Eric: Okay. Has it started to snow or not yet? Snow. Any snow?

Owen: Not yet.

Eric: Okay.

Owen: Oh, yes. in the country. . Maybe some place has been snowing.

Eric: Okay. So I think I said the best season to go to see some trees.I think that the color of the leaves are red. Is it red?

Owen: Right now. It's right now. So it's Yes. It's the best season in Beijing.

Eric: . It's not hard and it's not freezing. .

Owen: Good. .

Eric: Good. So same as regards to Ken and also Professor STEVE DENG for the whole community.

Owen: Okay.

Eric: Thanks. Thank you. Owen, for your time, Matrixians for submitting these questions and watching these AMA videos. Until next time, stay tuned and stay safe. Bye.

Owen: Bye bye.

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