The Rewarding PERSONA Test: Dive Into AI Innovation!

June 25, 2024

Dear community members,

We invite you to discover PERSONA, the incredible upgrade to the Morpheus Based Personalized Chatbot Platform! Persona is a major step towards making our vision for Avatar Intelligence (AvI) and Matrix 3.0 a reality.

We are hosting a special event to celebrate this important milestone and we welcome your participation! At this event, you will discover the innovations offered by PERSONA and be able to share your feedback and win valuable prizes.

A. Event Details

1- Süre: June 25 — July 1

2- Prizes : The first 5 lucky community members who complete the tasks completely and have the best feedback and promotional articles will be selected by lottery and share the prize pool of a total of 8000 MAN.

3 -Winner Announcement Date: July 2

4. Reward Distribution Date: Will be around July 5th.

B. How can I participate?

1- Follow our Twitter account.

2- Like and retweet the event tweet.

3- Join our Telegram group and request the limited invitation code from our admins:

4- Connect to the Morpheus platform with the invitation code received and share your feedback on the test using the $MAN tag on X.

Increase your chances of winning;

● You can also share a screenshot of a specific question and answer you asked Morpheus under this feedback (it will increase your chance of being selected).

● Share your feedback also in our telegram group.

C. Misc

- MORPHEUS Persona TEST Please note that participation is on a first-come, first-served basis and we have limited quota. - Multiple applications by the same user will lead to disqualification.

- Those who do not fulfill the conditions of participation will not be considered as participating in the event. - If a cheater is detected, he/she will be directly disqualified from the event.

- Winners must send a DM to our admins on Telegram with their wallet addresses until July 3, HK, to receive their prizes. - Matrix reserves all rights to this campaign.

Enjoy the adventure with MATRIX.

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