September AMA Transcript

Eric : Hello, good afternoon, Matrixians. Today is the 28th of September and It’s the monthly we are having this AMA with our CEO MR.Owen TAO to provide transparency and to address specific concerns or questions coming from you. So to submit your questions from time to time so we can kind of refresh ourselves and also to address what’s needed by the community.

So yeah. As usual, we have Owen with us. Owen , hi, how are you?

Owen : Hi. I’m good. Hi mate, Eric. Hi Matrix community.

Eric : OK. Yeah. So you are now on a business trip, a just getting off the plane. I can tell from your face. Sorry for keeping this task on your agenda, particularly in your busy schedule.

So Could you tell us the purpose of your your business trip this time? Where are you located at?

Owen : Uh, I’m in Hunan, Changsha, a very big city in the south of China.

Eric : Yeah and also the hometown for President Zedong.

Owen : Yeah? Yeah. Yeah. Okay.

Eric : So yeah, go OK, so Are you ready for the questions from our community?

Owen : Yeah. Okay. Let’s go.

Eric : So first as first the first question comes from the Amine DAFIR.

“ What Matrix Ai Network will have to do for small business in the future ?? I mean, will the blockchain help the small business to develop more their activities ?”

So yeah, over to you Owen.

Owen : Yeah. In fact, I think the the Matrix 2.0 version is not for this I think it’s not designed for the big business company. Yeah. Because our opinion, We’d like to we have designed and decentralized computing power distribution platform and also we’d like to we’ll make the data and also the algorithm into the access as NFT.

Yeah. We do all of this because we want to make the lower the cost to use the artificial intelligence. We would like to lower this cost. Yes. So we designed the Matrix in our opinion, we’d like to make everyone kind of use their own artificial intelligence work we’d like to make the cost lower. we’d have all kinds of the the people or the small business that’s our opinion so yeah, with we develop more in the Matrix projects in the future, I think that the more, we will have the small business in the future the more, that’s our plan.

Eric : OK, sounds good, Simply put,we provide different tools or utilities for different business lectures, big or small. So basically, we provide a MANTA to train the their algorithm and so that you can mint as an NFT through MANIA and trade it on their on the MANAS and through API you can integrate this AI services into your platform or your website so your clients or your customer can use this AI service and that can benefit for those businesses. So in a way, the Matrix 2.0 is designed for, for that way, it’s not just in the future, it’s designed for in that sense. And Don’t forget, we have the Matrix 3.0 road map, while we haven’t decided the final direction, so I can assure you there are many exciting stuff that we have discussed and it is quite fascinating.

When we decided the direction for the Matrix 3.0, just stay tuned for that and this can be kinds of broad groundbreaking for the industry as well.

Yeah, Yeah Owen. Well, then I can follow-up question,this is about the MANTA thing because we just mentioned MANTA and MANIA. So as far as I know, the depth has finished the development work for the MANTA to be deployed on the mainnet so we are now at the stage of testing it.

Okay? Do you have a schedule for it to be kind of deployed to the MAINNET because last time, we were saying that by the end of the month so I will stay on schedule.

Owen : Right now, we have already introduced the Manta on to our MAINNET, and we are doing the close testing right now. After after that, in the the first part, we introduced some partners to join our testing work. I think it will spend about one or two months and after that, we will open the MANTA system and we will give a guide, use how to put and install MANTA on your miners, your GPU machines or something else and after that, you can offer your GPU computing power or computing power right to the someone else who would like to use the decentralized auto machine learning system and you will get reversed yeah, that’s our schedule.

Eric : Okay. So the schedule you are talking about is one month right ?

Owen : Yeah one or two month I think yeah.

Eric : Well, Yeah, OK. So this raised the question that they asked by BudSpencer69 “ How long will be the test Phase of MANTA with the partners?“ So your question, I mean what you say just answer this question can I get ,it right ?

Owen : Yeah, yeah. It will spend about, one or two months, yeah.

Eric : So we have to wait for the result of this first test done by the partners, then we can deploy it to the mainnet a month later, not this month, am I right?

Owen : Yeah. Yeah. Until now, we have already deployed the the MANTA on the MAINNET. We have selected from our MAINNET yeah, we have do the auto machine learning and decentralized computing power renting system on some of our MAINNET right now, yeah after that making we will make a guide document to tell our community how to install the MANTA their machines, and after that they are you can connect your machines into the MANTA platform and If there are someone they will rent your computing power, you will get rewards, yeah.

Eric : So to pretty simply, So the hardware side or the costing side for the MANTA is ready, that’s we need the time to prepare all kinds of documentation so that when it’s released to the public, everyone will be able to know how to use that.

Owen : Yeah, there are two parts of work we need to do we are doing two parts of the work right now. The first one is we are doing the testing because if we are, we open it to the public. We need to do enough testing work. This is the first part. And the second part is we are preparing the guide the guide documents right now and we will release, our client and you can install it according to our guide document you can install the the MANTA on your machines, yeah.

Eric : OK. And we can expect that by the end of October?

Owen : Yeah, yeah, yeah, I think.

Eric : OK, I think I will keep reminding you then.

Owen : OK.

Eric : OK, and the second question is from Nakto. “ What is your main feature that distinguishes you from other projects ?” I think this is an old questions are often addressed a couple of times. Would you like to address again?

Owen : OK, We had divided the Matrix into two phases, the first one that the Matrix 1.0 and the Matrix 2.0. In the first part, we have used artificial intelligence to enable the blockchain. We use the AI technologies to make the blockchain better including we have make a new consensus and we have improved the TPS our mainnet so, so the first part is the is an AI-enabled blockchain. and in the Matrix 2.0, we’d like to in our opinion, we want to design an artificial intelligence platform, which which based on the blockchain. So in the the second part we have with like we offer lots of the decentralized AI services such as the AI computing power and the AI services and also with we have already realized this function that you can transfer your own and mint your data and your algorithm and into an NFT it can be transfer to anyone you’ d like. Yeah, that’s the second part, the Matrix is on decentralized AI platform based on blockchain that’s Matrix.

Eric : OK, yeah, I think, Owen has addressed that a couple of times, and we have serious articles about the key difference between Matrix and other AI projects. However, we keep evolving and evolving at a fast speed thanks to the advancement of technology and the to the brainstorming of the whole community. Yeah, it’s not just AI, but we extend AI to Matrix 3.0 and that’s what I just mentioned in the beginning.

Evolution is a key part of our project,and you must stay tuned for the road map for of our Matrix 3.0 and there would be exciting and a key difference from us with AI projects and I’m sure other AI project evolved themselves as well, but I think the Matrix 2.0 would be a very fundamental difference in terms of development and in terms of the path that we are going after.

Yeah. So, let’s go. Stay tuned with our roadmap for Matrix 3.0.

“Dev documentations are not clear enough to use and develop apps (at least for me — I am a developer). Are you planning to update/upgrade the docs? Detailed documentations with sample codes will attract more developers.” Thank you Turgut YAVUZ. This is from @iamharky. Yeah very good question. Yeah we do undestand that.We do appreciate that. Yeah, Owen.

Owen : Yeah, that’s a very good suggestion. I think we will do that after we finished all the testing work for MANTA and also we have already we finished the road map design for the the next part of the Matrix. I think we will spend one or two months to go through all the development documents and make it better for all kinds of development parts to use. That’s a good suggestion, and we will do that.

Eric : Thanks, Owen, This was from @iamharky. We understand the pain and because we have been keep busy trying to fulfill the road map for the 2.0 and are still deciding the final direction for the 3.0. So we have to keep, provide priorities to these two. So after that, we will spend one to two months, according to Owen then we will update, review and update so that we can facilitate the developers to deliver and and and in a way to enrich our ecosystem. Thank fully, @iamharky, right?

Okay, yeah. “In the new roadmap, is Ledger support planned? (update)

this from Christophe. Owen ?

Owen : Yeah right now, let let me explain it. And right now we are doing the updating work for the Ledger support. So, I don’t think we will put the Ledger support into our new road map because it’s not a main function for Matrix, but we are doing this work right now. That’s my answer. Yep.

Eric : Yep, good exactly. and Ken is spearheading this one. Yeah. Just for your information, Chris.

Alright. Moving on. “ Matrix AI Service Platform reputation will depends on the quality of the AI services it will provide. If someone develops an AI service app, and they want to list on the Matrix AI service platform and they claim that AI services accuracy is 99%, how Matrix will validate their claim and accept or reject the request based on their validation results? “ This question is from BozKurt. Owen?

Owen : Yeah. Right now, in our platform such as the MANAS platform we will do some testing work If you want to list your own algorithm your AI apps on it yeah we will do some testing work before we list it. But I think, in the future we will make its open make it open so thats what that means we will not and we won’t test any algorithms or the apps which would like to be listed on it so, anyone can put their own AI algorithms or models or their apps on the MANAS platform. How to make, how to find out if this applications is all the algorithm useful and then. I think there will be lots of the clients.

They will do, the use all kinds of the the algorithm and under our MANAS platform’s applications they will write down their judgment and the about how they feel after they use that so we want to handle this work we which the testing and run work to the community and the market I think the market will give the right the correct judgment for all the services and the applications which listed on the MANAS platform. Yeah, that’s my answer and our plan.

Eric : Yep. I think that’s right. Just imagine Taobao or eBay. Alright? So it would be the customer to decide whether the merchant is good or not. If the merchant is good, then the ranking, when you search it will get to the top and the sales will also go up. So it’s This is the same logic, just just like eBay or talk about the merchant stuff. or also the product listing, Yeah and BozKurt have another question.

Yeah, which is quite quite a hot topic. “Now that ETH has changed its consensus mechanism to POS, there are a lot of ETH GPU mining resources that Matrix AI platform can tap in. Is there a plan for promote Matrix AI platform to ETH miners?” Owen ?

Owen :Yeah. That’s a very good question because it’s also our plan, I think, after we have done the after we have finished the the the testing work for the MANTA, our plan we’d like to introduce the the Matrix MANTA platform to all the ETH miners we’d like to introduce their GPU computing power to our main network. But before that we wanted to design a very good business plan for them. How much the rewards they will get we need to keep saying some good plan for them. Yeah. If you have any good suggestion, please write to us and we can discuss that and yeah we will do this work after our MANTA launches.

Eric : OK, good. Thanks,Owen. Yeah, BozKurt. Did you kind of join our weekly meeting because this item has been discussed just I think last week in our weekly meeting. So I’m not sure whether you have overheard something or have virtually joined our weekly meeting and they have this question. Yeah, I just kind of kidding so yeah, we have to consider that and discuss that you know weekly meeting as well. Yeah and then the moving. This is a long question. One question, we have five more questions. Yeah. This is from a @allegal

“Hello there. First of all, thank you for your work as a team.

1-) Are you making artificial intelligence software only for blockchain? Do you have artificial intelligence software in other fields? “

Yeah. I will cut the question into five small questions so that you can easily answer Owen for the first small question.

Owen : Yeah, and 1st, our algorithm software is not full blockchain. Our AI software is for all kinds of business such as the, industry, the financial or others. We just Deploy our artificial intelligence algorithm onto blockchain to make it decentralized that we are doing. Yeah.

Eric : These are the business model that, Owen just mentioned. It’s not just. There’s an AI service is kinds of decentralized AI economy model from our perspective.

Second question “Does the software have a self-learning, self-prevention feature? Or does it work limited to certain algorithms?” Owen ?

Owen : Yeah, Every each, huge algorithm we have offered is focused a certain targets. Yeah, we don’t do that self-learning, but we are you should know learn something about our MANTA platform which is an automachine learning platform Yeah. So if you can put your on algorithm on it, it will do the automachine learning by the data you have provided yeah.

Eric : Yep.So Simply put, it does not just limit to certain algorithms. You can train whatever algorithms you want to to as long as you have the data and the models, and you can use MANTA to train that and then use the MANIA to turn it into an NFT, and go to MANAS for trade, or go to other public chains to trade your NFT yeah.

Number three, “Can it learn other systems by scanning it?”

Owen : we can’t do this right now, yeah. We cannot do this function right now.

Eric : And number four, “Digital identity work is very important for web3. Is there a place on the roadmap for this?”

Yeah we have discussed this is one of the six directions that we have discussed in Dev and we haven’t decided we, if we were going to pursue after DID just DID, will be a part of the whole road map. So we haven’t decided yet. So stay tuned, lets go.

from @allegal, the fifth, “ Are there any new investors that you are meeting with? thanks.”

We are doing kinds of they do day, uh, communications with our community. So, in a way to education and spread the news or development of Matrix so we have to wait for the result of this first test done by the partners then we can deploy it to the mainnet a month later not this month, am I right?

So for those interested parties who did their own research and found we have the potential, they will make a wise decision to join. Yeah, that’s the answer to that. Is that right? Owen. Is it right?

Owen : Yep.

Eric : Okay. Good. That goes to the last question. And the last question is from Ebmagic

Will we be able to connect to the GPU power of the Matrix AI cloud for IaaS service, such as using 3D rendering software ?”

Owen : Right now the MANTA platform just support the machine learning yeah is special for training and running the artificial intelligence algorithm right now that this is the key function for MANTA right now. We haven’t introduced other kinds of the computing power service is into the the MANTA platform. We can’t do the 3D rendering right now, But in the future, when our MANTA platform runs for some time and save and good we would like to add more functions to it. And I think you may use this component forward to do some add services in the future.

Eric : Yeah. It’s Okay. I see. Thanks Owen. And I think that answer all the nine questions we screened from the submissions for September AMA and Before we end this AMA, How many days are you going to stay in Changsha, Owen?

Owen : Maybe two or three days. I came here because there are some companies they’d like to use our our algorithms on the Manito and also there are some partners. They are interested in using our MANTA platform for their new business. That’s why I came here to discuss with them.

Eric : OK. And don’t forget to take some pictures and then to publish tweets.We would like to I I have charts, the committee would like to know I’ll see everything going on with you in Changshan.

Owen : Okay. Okay.

Eric : Thank you Owen, for your time. And thanks Matrixian, for submitting your questions. And to keep them giving us feedback, saying questions and we are happy to address your concerns and to provide transparency of the the development progress of the project. OK and just stay safe. Bye.

Owen : Bye.

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