2nd Report Of July 2023

July 31, 2023

Mainnet Performance

Validation nodes: 103

Mining nodes: 1222

New wallets added: 77

Project Update

1st Part of MATRIX 3.0 Phase I – 95%

Developed a security framework for two-factor verification that requires both brainwave and private key;

Developed the value output model for the quantitative model of brainwave attention numerical indicators;

Finished testing and model building for the brainwave collection system related to muscle current collection;

Special Patches Phase I – 95%

Designed a display system for task lists of Intelligent Contract;

Designed a display system for similar historical tasks of Intelligent Contract;

Designed a standard quantitative assessment model for Solidity large language models.


Finished phase-two training work for the next version of Morpheus.

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