1st Report Of February 2023

Mainnet Performance

Validation nodes: 96

Mining nodes: 1200

New wallets added: 422

Project Update:

Brain Wave Data Reception and Storage – 3%

Finished designing distributed storage and reassembly algorithms for brain wave data;

Finished the selection of chips for the prototype brain wave data reception hardware;

Brain Wave Data Analysis and Modelling – 3%

Brain Wave Data-Based AI Services – 5%

Completed the preliminary model designs for two brain wave data AI services;

Special Patches – 5%

Built up the first iteration of a convolutional regression neural network for smart contracts;

Completed the design and development of a feature that links MANTA to the Matrix Mainnet wallet;


Optimised the Mainnet for MANTA to support GPT algorithms;

Designed a framework for GPT algorithms to run on the Matrix Mainnet.

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