Matrix AI Network & Neuroscience AMA Question Collection

Dear Matrixian,

We have entered the Matrix 3.0 Blueprint, which we blend Neuroscience with AI on Matrix. An Ask Me Anything (AMA) session with a renowned expert in the field of neuroscience and applications will be held. This is a fantastic opportunity for our community to ask questions and learn from one of the leaders in the industry.

To ensure that the AMA session is productive and informative, we would like to collect questions in advance. We invite you to raise questions about the application of neuroscience to AI, web3, Metaverse or any other field. These questions will be screened and answered by the expert during the AMA session.

Please submit your questions via by February 12. Questions got selected will have a prize of 250 MAN.

We look forward to an engaging and enlightening session with our expert.


1. The event is subject to change without prior notice;

2. Matrix reserves all rights in the event.

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