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1st Report Of May 2023

May 15, 2023
Bi-Weekly Report (3).mp4

Mainnet Performance

Validation nodes: 102
Mining nodes: 1219
New wallets added: 97

Project Update

Brain Wave Data Reception and Storage – 14%

Finished assembling the basic hardware for the first iteration of brain wave data collection;
Designed and constructed the storage structure for the first iteration of brain wave data collection;

Brain Wave Data Analysis and Modelling – 12%

Conducted data grading tests for brain wave uniqueness solution (version one);
Finished analysing brain wave data for the construction of an initial attention module;

Brain Wave Data-Based AI Services – 12%

Special Patches – 15%

Designed a structure for fixing dysfunctional codes in smart contracts;
Completed fundamental components of smart contracts such as the generative framework, generative test cases and event flow, etc.


Finished developing Morpheus beta test version one;
Deployed Morpheus beta test version on MANTA.