We have been getting global talents to join the team. Today, we are delighted to announce the appointment of below talents :

  1. Sercan : a passionate and reliable person. He has been with Matrix for quite a while. It has been a pleasure working with him. I am sure some of you have joined various events that designed by him. Sercan is our Head of Community. He will be and has been taking care of community in the areas of onboarding experience, events management, community engagement and growth cum global expansion.

  2. Umit : a trustable person who always strive for the best. He has been with Matrix for quite a long time and been active in addressing issues with ideas and most importantly execution. You should have seen his videos, factsheets and more. Umit is our Head of Social Media, spearheading all things related to our social presence, including creative, acquisition, engagement and content.

Please join me to congratulate them for their appointment, and render your help to them. Together, we can achieve more.

Meanwhile, if you believe you can contribute to Matrix and wish to join us for this very exciting and innovative Matrix 3.0 Blueprint, please fill in the form below: We look forward to your submission.

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