Announcement about Manual Swap

Dear Matrixians,

Please be advised that the monthly manual swap has been finished today. We appreciate your patience.

In 2019, Matrix has its own native token. Ever since then, the Team has been kind providing swap service for those who possess ERC-20 tokens, mainly those who participated in ICO, until today. Additionally, swap requests have also been made to partners. This swapping service is a good will from the Team providing additional supports to those who genuinely forgot to swap. Sadly, speculators have taken advantage of this noble intention. Such abuse harms each and every Matrixian, including you. We shouldn't and won't permit such things to occur any more.

Given that the Team has provided more than enough time for swapping and that the abuse is still occurring, it has been decided that the swapping service will end on January 26, 2023 (23:59 HK Time). We will continue consider swap requests from ICO participants during this 7-day, but speculators will be responsible for their own risks of abuse. We will not publish another announcement when this last swap is completed. Essentially, please use only KuCoin for trading the native token, MAN.

We believe that this is in Matrix's and the Matrixians' best interests. Let's stop this abuse together.

Into the Matrix.

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