19. What are your platforms and projects based on Artificial Intelligence?

We are building a Decentralized AI ecosystem on our easy-to-use, fast, secure, environmentally friendly and high-performance blockchain Matrix 1.0 . We started this in Matrix 2.0.
MANTA – MAN Training Assistant
MANTA is an auto-machine learning platform built on MATRIX Mainnet. It enables anyone with no technical knowledge in AI to perform machine learning on a MATRIX node and get the AI models they need.
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MANAS - MAN AI Service
MANAS is a distributed AI Service Platform built on MATRIX Mainnet. Its functions include AI model training, AI algorithmic model authentication, algorithmic model transaction, paid access to algorithmic models through API, etc. We aim to build a distributed AI network where everyone can build, share, and profit from AI services.
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MANART is a platform dedicated to AI-related NFT asset generation and authentication. It has two key elements: 1. the “Big Threes” of AI (Computing Power, Data, and Algorithmic Models), and 2. AI art.
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MANITO – MAN Industry Tech Open-Platform
MANITO is an industrial network service platform built on MATRIX leveraging the high-performance blockchain. By incorporating AI, Big Data, IoT and blockchain technologies, it will be a powerful tool for implementing Industry 4.0.
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