Matrix AI Network Birthday cum Chinese New Year Video & Photo Contest

Dear Matrixians,

You know what? Matrix AI Network is having 5th birthday on 17 January. Coincidentally, the Chinese New Year (CNY) is on 21 January. Time to celebrate? That is for sure, and we would like to invite you to be part of this celebration. You can shoot a short video or take a photo greeting Matrix for its 5th birthday and wish all Matrixians a happy Chinese New Year.

Please find the event details as below and send your submission to by January 19. We will compile the submissions and create a final video that we can share with everyone.

1. Period: 13—19 January (UTC+3)

2. Format

a. Video

i. Content (must contain all)

1. What's your name?

2. Which country you are from?

3. Your greeting messages for Matrix's birthday and Chinese New Year. For example, Happy Birthday, Matrix. Xin Nian Kuai Le (meaning happy new year)

4. must contain both messages and clear voice

5. within 10 seconds

6. Video in horizontal

ii. Rewards

1. For the first 5 Qualified video submissions, 1000 MAN + one Matrix T-Shirt for each

2. For the first 6-20 Qualified video submissions, 800 MAN coins for each

b. Photo

i. Content

1. Your pleasant appearance

2. Holding a paper (print or handwriting) with any creative ideas for birthday and Chinese New Year greetings, plus your name and country on it

3. The paper should have a Matrix Logo (handwriting or print)

4. Vertical

ii. Rewards

1. For first 23 photo submissions, 500 MAN coins for each of you

We look forward to seeing your creative and heartfelt messages. Let's make this a special and memorable celebration for all of us. Don't miss out on this chance to show your love for Matrix, and be a part of our project's birthday celebration!

Terms & Condition:

Please complete the event before deadline. If the form is not filled in, participation in the event will be deemed to have been canceled automatically.

● All submissions must be original work by contributors.

● Each participant can apply only once.

● The language of the video is not limited. (may be in your language)

● Video requires 720P or higher resolution.

● Photo requires HD or high resolution.

● All submitted works should not contain any content that may cause hostility, religion or racial discrimination, and should not contain pornography, violence or racial discrimination.

● Prize distribution will be around February 5th. Exact date to be announced.

● Prizes will only be given to the MAN wallet you specify on the form and will be sent to your address. Otherwise, you will not receive any rewards even if you win. By submitting the video or photo, you agreed the submission to be used in a final video, which to be shared across different online outlets.

● Matrix AI Network reserves the right to edit, cancel and disseminate the work.

● Matrix AI Network has the final interpretation of the event.

● Matrix reserves all rights in this event.

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