1st Report Of 2024

July 7, 2024

Mainnet Performance

Validator Nodes: 111

Miner Nodes: 1301

New Wallets: +332

Project Updates

A. Milestone 3:

A.1. In the Upgrade Phase:

A.1.1 Modular Contract Transformation – 96%

- Optimized data cleaning algorithms to enhance generation quality.

A.1.2 Smart Contract Personalization – 92%

- Designed a dynamic security detection module architecture aimed at monitoring and analyzing security threats during contract runtime, providing timely prompts for user adjustments;

- Introduced advanced data correction algorithms to automatically identify and correct common errors and non-compliant data in user inputs.

A.1.3 Support for Mainstream Contract Languages – 83%

A.2. In the Processing Phase:

A.2.1 Brainwave Data for Positive Feedback – 22%

- Optimized system response speed to minimize the delay between brainwave data processing and feedback, enhancing user experience fluidity.

A.2.2 Brainwave Data Avatar Structures – 16%

Morpheus Version in April – 92%

- Fixed several nested model bugs;

- Established a system performance monitoring mechanism to track and analyze performance bottlenecks in real-time and optimize resource usage.

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